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New Pseudo-Near-Collision Attack on Reduced-Round of Hamsi-256

Meiqin Wang, Xiaoyun Wang, Keting Jia, Wei Wang

Abstract: Hamsi-256 is designed by \"{O}zg\"{u}l K\"{u}c\"{u}k and it has been a candidate Hash function for the second round of SHA-3. The compression function of Hamsi-256 maps a 256-bit chaining value and a 32-bit message to a new 256-bit chaining value. As hashing a message, Hamsi-256 operates 3-round except for the last message it operates 6-round. In this paper, we will give the pseudo-near-collision for 5-round Hamsi-256. By the message modifying, the pseudo-near-collision for 3, 4 and 5 rounds can be found with $2^5$, $2^{32}$ and $2^{125}$ compression function computations respectively.

Category / Keywords: hash functions, SHA-3, near collision

Date: received 30 Sep 2009, last revised 7 Oct 2009

Contact author: mqwang at sdu edu cn

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Note: There are some typos about the name of the hash function.

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