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On the Relations Between Diffie-Hellman and ID-Based Key Agreement from Pairings

Shengbao Wang

Abstract: This paper studies the relationships between the traditional Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol and the identity-based (ID-based) key agreement protocol from pairings.

For the Sakai-Ohgishi-Kasahara (SOK) ID-based key construction, we show that identical to the Diffie-Hellman protocol, the SOK key agreement protocol also has three variants, namely \emph{ephemeral}, \emph{semi-static} and \emph{static} versions. Upon this, we build solid relations between authenticated Diffie-Hellman (Auth-DH) protocols and ID-based authenticated key agreement (IB-AK) protocols, whereby we present two \emph{substitution rules} for this two types of protocols. The rules enable a conversion between the two types of protocols. In particular, we obtain the \emph{real} ID-based version of the well-known MQV (and HMQV) protocol.

Similarly, for the Sakai-Kasahara (SK) key construction, we show that the key transport protocol underlining the SK ID-based encryption scheme (which we call the ``SK protocol") has its non-ID counterpart, namely the Hughes protocol. Based on this observation, we establish relations between corresponding ID-based and non-ID-based protocols. In particular, we propose a highly enhanced version of the McCullagh-Barreto protocol.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / key agreement, Diffie-Hellman, ID-MQV, eMB

Date: received 7 Sep 2009, last revised 9 Sep 2009

Contact author: shengbaowang at gmail com

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