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A Collision-resistance Hash Function DIHA2


Abstract: Abstract. The new hash function DIHA2 (Dynamic Input Hash Algorithm)is with the structure of Merkle-Damgard and is based on 64-bit computing.It oper- ates each 1024-bit block and outputts a 256-bit hash-value. For a 64-bit sub-block X[j](0 ≤ j ≤ 15) of each step, DIHA2 gets a dynamic mapping value of TLU (table look up,The table was 256-Byte only)and add it to operation of variables a, b, c, d,so as to eliminate the differential effect.At the same time DIHA2 sets 3 assistant register variables r1, r2, r3 to store the mapping value and resume loading 3 steps later, so as to be interleaving. DIHA2 therefore obtained strong avalanche effect than the others and can resist the sharp and serious attack of differential.

Category / Keywords: hash function , dynamic mapping, avalanche , differential

Date: received 9 Jun 2009

Contact author: dihuo377 at 163 com ,wai2ha@qq com

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