Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/392

GUC-Secure Set-Intersection Computation

TIAN Yuan and WANG Ying

Abstract: Secure set-intersection computation is one of important problems in the field of secure multiparty computation with valuable applications. We propose a very gerneral construction for 2-party set-intersection computation based-on anonymous IBE scheme and its user private-keys blind generation techniques. Compared with recently-proposed protocols, e.g., those of Freedman-Nissim-Pinkas, Kissner-Song and Hazay-Lindell, this construction is provabley GUC-secure in standard model with acceptable efficiency. For this goal a new notion of non-malleable zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge and its efficient general construction is presented. In addition, we present an efficient instantiation of this general construction via anonymous Boyen-Waters IBE scheme.

Category / Keywords: set-intersection, GUC security, identity-based encryption, anonymity

Publication Info: Extended Abstract submitted to TCC 09.

Date: received 16 Sep 2008, last revised 3 Feb 2009

Contact author: tianyuan_ca at sina com

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