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Shared Key Encryption by the State Machine with Two-Dimensional Random Look-up Table

Michael Lifliand

Abstract: This paper describes a new approach to creation of fast encryption methods with symmetric (shared) key. The result solution is intermediate one between block and stream ciphers. The main advantages of both types of ciphers are realized, while most of disadvantages are eliminated. The new approach combines encryption with built-in calculation of the hash for the data integrity, pseudo-random generator, and option for dual shared keys. These properties are pivotal for secure applications. These new methods may be designed for different size of shared secret key. Both software and hardware implementations of the new methods are fast and simple and may be used in various security applications. Presented cryptanalysis proves basic features and gives an option to design actual provable security methods.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / secret-key cryptography , foundations, cryptanalysis, pseudo-randomness

Date: received 8 Sep 2008

Contact author: mlifliand at gmail com

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