Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/313

A new almost perfect nonlinear function which is not quadratic

Yves Edel and Alexander Pott

Abstract: We show how to change one coordinate function of an almost perfect nonlinear (APN) function in order to obtain new examples. It turns out that this is a very powerful method to construct new APN functions. In particular, we show that the approach can be used to construct ``non-quadratic'' APN functions. This new example is in remarkable contrast to all recently constructed functions which have all been quadratic.

Category / Keywords: foundations / boolean functions, almost perfect nonlinear

Date: received 18 Jul 2008, last revised 28 Jul 2008

Contact author: alexander pott at ovgu de

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Note: One sentence in Theorem 11 (erroneously written in German) has been deleted.

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