Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/242

Enumeration of Homogeneous Rotation Symmetric functions over GF(p)

Shaojing Fu Chao Li Bing Sun

Abstract: Rotation symmetric functions have been used as components of different cryptosystems. This class of functions are invariant under circular translation of indices. In this paper, we will do some enumeration on homogeneous rotation symmetric functions over GF(p). And we givea formula to count homogeneous rotation symmetric functions when the greatest common divisor of input variable n and the degree d is a power of a prime, which solves the open problem in [7].

Category / Keywords: Rotation symmetry; Algebraic degree; Minimal function;Monic monomial

Date: received 29 May 2008, last revised 28 Aug 2008, withdrawn 2 Nov 2008

Contact author: shaojing1984 at yahoo cn

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