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Variants of the Distinguished Point Method for Cryptanalytic Time Memory Trade-offs (Full version)

Jin Hong and Kyung Chul Jeong and Eun Young Kwon and In-Sok Lee and Daegun Ma

Abstract: The time memory trade-off (TMTO) algorithm, first introduced by Hellman, is a method for quickly inverting a one-way function, using pre-computed tables. The distinguished point method (DP) is a technique that reduces the number of table lookups performed by Hellman's algorithm.

In this paper we propose a new variant of the DP technique, named variable DP (VDP), having properties very different from DP. It has an effect on the amount of memory required to store the pre-computed tables. We also show how to combine variable chain length techniques like DP and VDP with a more recent trade-off algorithm called the rainbow table method.

Category / Keywords: applications / time memory trade-off, Hellman trade-off, distinguished points, rainbow table

Publication Info: The short version of this paper will appear in the proceedings of ISPEC 2008.

Date: received 1 Feb 2008, last revised 15 Feb 2008

Contact author: jeongkc at math snu ac kr

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