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Dynamic SHA

Xu Zijie

Abstract: In this paper I describe the construction of Dynamic SHA family of cryptographic hash functions. They are built with design components from the SHA-2 family, but there is function R in the new hash functionh. It enabled us to achieve a novel design principle: When message is changed, different rotate right operation maybe done. It make the system can resistant against all extant attacks.

Category / Keywords: hash function, SHA, Dynamic SHA

Date: received 17 Dec 2007, last revised 20 Nov 2008

Contact author: xuzijiewz at gmail com

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Note: I found D-sha is weak, if it is constituted with three same and easy backward part. I had found it at 2007/08. I revise it now. It is luck that d-sha2 is not like this, it just not so good as it can without constants.

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