Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2007/446

A Lattice-Based Computationally-Efficient Private Information Retrieval Protocol


Abstract: A PIR scheme is a scheme that allows an user to get an element of a database without giving any information about what part of the database he is interested in.

In this paper we present a lattice-based PIR scheme, using an NTRU-like approach, in which the computational cost is a few thousand bit-operations per bit in the database. This improves the protocol computational performance by two orders of magnitude when compared to existing approaches. Our scheme has worse communication performance than other existing protocols, but we show that practical usability of PIR schemes is not as dependent on communication performance as the literature suggests, and that a trade-off between communication and computation leads to much more versatile schemes.

Category / Keywords: Cryptographic Protocols / Private Information Retrieval, Lattices, Privacy

Publication Info: Short version presented in WEWORC, in July 2007, Bochum, Germany

Date: received 27 Nov 2007, last revised 24 Feb 2008

Contact author: carlos aguilar at unilim fr

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