Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2005/392

An Efficient Variant of RSA Cryptosystem

Sahadeo Padhye

Abstract: An efficient variant of RSA cryptosystem was proposed by Cesar [2]. He called it Rprime RSA. The Rprime RSA is a combination of Mprime RSA [3] and Rebalanced RSA [9, 1]. Although the decryption speed of Rprime RSA is 27 times faster than the standard RSA and 8 times faster than the QC RSA [6] in theoretically, yet due to the large encryption exponent, the encryption process becomes slower than the standard RSA. In this paper we tried to improve the efficiency of encryption process with less compromising with the decryption speed.

Category / Keywords: Public Key Cryptosystem

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Date: received 24 Oct 2005, last revised 27 Aug 2009

Contact author: sahadeo_mathrsu at yahoo com

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