Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2005/134

Broadcast Authentication With Hashed Random Preloaded Subsets

Mahalingam Ramkumar

Abstract: We introduce a novel cryptographic paradigm of broadcast authentication with ``preferred'' verifiers (BAP). With BAP, the message source explicitly targets a set of one or more verifiers. For an attacker, forging authentication data of a source, for purposes of fooling preferred verifiers may be substantially more difficult than fooling other (non-preferred) verifiers. We investigate broadcast authentication (BA) with \textit{hashed random preloaded subsets} (HARPS), which caters for such a distinction. HARPS, provides for efficient broadcast authentication, with and without preferred verifiers.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Key predistribution, HARPS

Date: received 6 May 2005

Contact author: ramkumar at cse msstate edu

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