Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2004/186

A New Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards with Forward Secrecy

Manoj Kumar

Abstract: Hwang and Li proposed the first remote user authentication scheme using smart cards to solve the problems of Lamport scheme. Unfortunately, Hwang and Li’s scheme has some security weaknesses. First, Chan- Chang, Shen- Lin- Hwang and then Chang-Hwang pointed out some attacks on Hwang – Li’s scheme. This paper presents a new remote user authentication scheme with forward secrecy, which provides forward secrecy to the long term secret key of the authentication server. This scheme is also secure against Chan – Cheng and all the extended attacks.

Category / Keywords: Cryptography, Remote user authentication, Authentication server, Smart card, Password, Cryptanalysis, Network security, Check digit, Forward secrecy

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Date: received 29 Jul 2004, withdrawn 26 Sep 2004

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