Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2000

2000/069 ( PS PS.GZ )
New constructions of resilient Boolean functions with maximal nonlinearity
Yuriy Tarannikov
2000/068 ( PDF )
A Content Certified E-mail Protocol with a Public Mailbox
Tak-Ming Law
2000/067 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Security: A New Paradigm for Cryptographic Protocols
Ran Canetti
2000/066 ( PS PS.GZ )
A Model for Asynchronous Reactive Systems and its Application to Secure Message Transmission
Birgit Pfitzmann and Michael Waidner
2000/065 ( PS PS.GZ )
How to Encrypt Long Messages without Large Size Symmetric/Asymmetric Encryption Schemes
Masashi Mitomo and Kaoru Kurosawa
2000/064 ( PS PS.GZ )
On the Security of Modular Exponentiation with Application to the Construction of Pseudorandom Generators
Oded Goldreich and Vered Rosen
2000/063 ( PS PS.GZ )
Candidate One-Way Functions Based on Expander Graphs
Oded Goldreich
2000/062 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Non-Deforming Digital Watermarks
Gideon Samid
2000/061 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
RSA-OAEP is Secure under the RSA Assumption
Eiichiro Fujisaki and Tatsuaki Okamoto and David Pointcheval and Jacques Stern
2000/060 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
OAEP Reconsidered
Victor Shoup
2000/059 ( PDF )
Essential Shannon Security with Keys Smaller Than the Encrypted Message
Gideon Samid
2000/058 ( PS PS.GZ )
Graph-Based Authentication of Digital Streams
Sara Miner and Jessica Staddon
2000/057 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Session-Key Generation using Human Passwords Only
Oded Goldreich and Yehuda Lindell
2000/056 ( PS PS.GZ )
A Complete Problem for Statistical Zero Knowledge
Amit Sahai and Salil Vadhan
2000/055 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Multiparty Computation from Threshold Homomorphic Encryption
Ronald Cramer and Ivan Damgård and Jesper Buus Nielsen
2000/054 ( PS PS.GZ )
Correlation Immune Boolean Functions with Very High Nonlinearity
Subhamoy Maitra
2000/053 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A Construction of Resilient Functions with High Nonlinearity
Thomas Johansson and Enes Pasalic
2000/052 ( PDF )
Slobodan Petrovic and Amparo Fúster-Sabater
2000/051 ( PS PS.GZ )
Reducing the Gate Count of Bitslice DES
Matthew Kwan
2000/050 ( PS PS.GZ )
Spectral Analysis of High Order Correlation Immune Functions
Yuriy Tarannikov and Denis Kirienko
2000/049 ( PS PS.GZ )
Spectral Domain Analysis of Correlation Immune and Resilient Boolean Functions
Palash Sarkar
2000/048 ( PS PS.GZ )
New Constructions of Resilent and Correlation Immune Boolean Functions achieving Upper Bounds on Nonlinearity
Enes Pasalic and Thomas Johansson and Subhamoy Maitra and Palash Sarkar
2000/047 ( PS PS.GZ )
Highly Nonlinear Balanced Boolean Functions with very good Autocorrelation Property
Subhamoy Maitra
2000/046 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The Saturation Attack - a Bait for Twofish
Stefan Lucks
2000/045 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge Without Intractability Assumptions
Ronald Cramer and Ivan Damgård and Philip MacKenzie
2000/044 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Provably Secure Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Using Diffie-Hellman
Victor Boyko and Philip MacKenzie and Sarvar Patel
2000/043 ( PS PS.GZ )
Constructions and Bounds for Unconditionally Secure Commitment Schemes
C. Blundo and B. Masucci and D.R. Stinson and R. Wei
2000/042 ( PS PS.GZ )
Constructing Pseudo-Random Permutations with a Prescribed Structure
Moni Naor and Omer Reingold
2000/041 ( PS PS.GZ )
On Symmetrically Private Information Retrieval
Sanjeev Kumar Mishra
2000/040 ( PS PS.GZ )
Decimation Attack of Stream Ciphers
2000/039 ( PDF )
Encryption Modes with Almost Free Message Integrity
Charanjit S. Jutla
2000/038 ( PS PS.GZ )
On the Complexity of Verifiable Secret Sharing and Multi-Party Computation
Ronald Cramer and Ivan Damgård and Stefan Dziembowski
2000/037 ( PS PS.GZ )
General Secure Multi-Party Computation from any Linear Secret Sharing Scheme
Ronald Cramer and Ivan Damgård and Ueli Maurer
2000/036 ( PS PS.GZ )
Using fewer Qubits in Shor's Factorization Algorithm via Simultaneous Diophantine Approximation
Jean-Pierre Seifert
2000/035 ( PS PS.GZ )
Electronic Jury Voting Protocols
Alejandro Hevia and Marcos Kiwi
2000/034 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Random Oracles in Constantinople: Practical Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement using Cryptography
Christian Cachin and Klaus Kursawe and Victor Shoup
2000/033 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The Complete Distribution of Linear Probabilities of MARS' s-box
Kazumaro Aoki
2000/032 ( PS PS.GZ )
Anonymous Fingerprinting with Direct Non-Repudiation
Birgit Pfitzmann, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
2000/031 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Forward Security in Threshold Signature Schemes
Michel Abdalla and Sara Miner and Chanathip Namprempre
2000/030 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Secure Multiparty Computation of Approximations
Joan Feigenbaum and Jessica Fong and Martin Strauss and Rebecca N. Wright
2000/029 ( PS PS.GZ )
Concrete Security Characterizations of PRFs and PRPs: Reductions and Applications
Anand Desai and Sara Miner
2000/028 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An Information-Theoretic Model for Steganography
Christian Cachin
2000/027 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Accountable Certificate Management using Undeniable Attestations
Ahto Buldas and Peeter Laud and Helger Lipmaa
2000/026 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Authentication and Key Agreement via Memorable Password
Taekyoung Kwon
2000/025 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Authenticated Encryption: Relations among notions and analysis of the generic composition paradigm
Mihir Bellare and Chanathip Namprempre
2000/024 ( PS PS.GZ )
Security of the Most Significant Bits of the Shamir Message Passing Scheme
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Igor E. Shparlinski
2000/023 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Security of Polynomial Transformations of the Diffie--Hellman Key
Igor Shparlinski
2000/022 ( PS PS.GZ )
ACE: The Advanced Cryptographic Engine
Thomas Schweinberger and Victor Shoup
2000/021 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An Efficient Identification Scheme Based on Permuted Patterns
Shahrokh Saeednia
2000/020 ( PS PS.GZ )
On the Security of Diffie--Hellman Bits
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Igor E. Shparlinski
2000/019 ( PS PS.GZ )
Threshold Cryptography Secure Against the Adaptive Adversary, Concurrently
Anna Lysyanskaya
2000/018 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Fast Verification of Any Remote Procedure Call: Short Witness-Indistinguishable One-Round Proofs for NP
A. Aiello, S. Bhatt, R. Ostrovsky, S. Rajagopalan.
2000/017 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Lower Bounds on the Efficiency of Generic Cryptographic Constructions
Rosario Gennaro and Luca Trevisan
2000/016 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Cryptanalysis of RSA with small prime difference
Benne de Weger
2000/015 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Identification Protocols Secure Against Reset Attacks
Mihir Bellare and Marc Fischlin and Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali
2000/014 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Authenticated Key Exchange Secure Against Dictionary Attacks
Mihir Bellare and David Pointcheval and Phillip Rogaway
2000/013 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Concurrent Zero-Knowledge in Poly-logarithmic Rounds
Joe Kilian and Erez Petrank
2000/012 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Chosen Message Attack Against Goldreich-Goldwasser-Halevi's Signature Scheme from Crypto'97
DaeHun Nyang and JooSeok Song
2000/011 ( PDF )
Tailored Key Encryption (TaKE) Tailoring a key for a given pair of plaintext/ciphertext
Gideon Samid
2000/010 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
The Security of Chaffing and Winnowing
Mihir Bellare and Alexandra Boldyreva
2000/009 ( PS PS.GZ )
New Directions in Design of Resilient Boolean Functions
Palash Sarkar and Subhamoy Maitra
2000/008 ( PS PS.GZ )
Efficient Protocols based on Probabilistic Encryption using Composite Degree Residue Classes
Ivan Damgård and Mads Jurik
2000/007 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
Public Electronic Contract Protocol
Tak-Ming Law
2000/006 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
An Encryption Algorithm and Key-stream Generator for Chinese Text Messages by Character Internal Code Structure
Tak-Ming Law
2000/005 ( PS PS.GZ )
On Resilient Boolean Functions with Maximal Possible Nonlinearity
Yuriy Tarannikov
2000/004 ( PS PS.GZ )
Combinatorial Properties of Frameproof and Traceability Codes
J.N. Staddon and D.R. Stinson and R. Wei
2000/003 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Implications of the Nontriviality of Entropy Approximation
Marc Fischlin
2000/002 ( PS PS.GZ PDF )
A New Forward-Secure Digital Signature Scheme
Michel Abdalla and Leonid Reyzin
2000/001 ( PS PS.GZ )
On Security Preserving Reductions -- Revised Terminology
Oded Goldreich

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