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22-Jul-2013 15:15
I must admit that I do not find D.J. Bernstein’s assessment appropriate, for a number of reasons. First of all, the optical example he gives does not really apply to the work of Rührmair et al. Th
Forum: 2010 Reports
17-May-2011 18:29
luzagodom Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 2010/251 PUF exaggeration. Posted by: djb (IP > Logged). Date: 05 May 2010 08:10. The authors of > 2010/251 are wildly ex
Forum: 2010 Reports
05-May-2010 08:10
The authors of 2010/251 are wildly exaggerating the impact of their results when they claim that they can clone many types of PUFs and thus break "essentially all" PUF applications and protocols. T
Forum: 2010 Reports
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