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Discussion related to IACR's current and future publications: conference proceedings, Journal of Cryptology, and revolution of IACR's publications.  
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  2014/728 Unpicking PLAID response - Nit-Picking PLAID 289  Graeme.Freedman  27-Nov-2014 21:00 
Last Post by Graeme.Freedman
  An early/mid career perspective 1198  brentwaters  20-Nov-2013 16:31 
Last Post by brentwaters
  Response to the invitation for comments 1559  eoswald  08-Aug-2013 20:50 
Last Post by eoswald
  IACR publication reform - background material 3464  cc  05-Aug-2013 13:45 
Last Post by nigel
  Testable change 1805  amitsahai  01-Jul-2013 03:07 
Last Post by amitsahai
  two-stage review process 1438  Joan Daemen  25-Jun-2013 23:53 
Last Post by cbw
  Automatic follow up 1342  cbw  19-Jun-2013 04:56 
Last Post by cbw
  The speed of science: two case studies 1681  djb  18-Jun-2013 08:52 
Last Post by hoerder
  How to handle resubmissions? 1555  ivandamgard  06-Jun-2013 10:04 
Last Post by subho
  Questions 1405  nigel  04-Jun-2013 15:06 
Last Post by hoerder
  Selecting Papers for Presentations 1177  cbw  04-Jun-2013 12:25 
Last Post by cbw
  Some issues + Counter proposal 1445  Orr  04-Jun-2013 11:52 
Last Post by cbw
  Change is needed, but slow change is important 1272  lindell  04-Jun-2013 11:46 
Last Post by cbw
  IACR publication reform - my two cents 1417  hoerder  30-May-2013 11:04 
Last Post by cbw
  Adversarial phenomena in the publishing system 1447  djb  30-May-2013 08:02 
Last Post by djb
  Re: IACR publication reform - bad reviewers 1362  cbw  30-May-2013 06:50 
Last Post by hoerder
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