Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2015

2015/286 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round SIMON
Zhan Chen and Ning Wang and Xiaoyun Wang
2015/285 ( PDF )
Improved Linear Trails for the Block Cipher Simon
Tomer Ashur
2015/284 ( PDF )
A Note on Scalar Multiplication Using Division Polynomials
Binglong~Chen, Chuangqiang~Hu and~Chang-An~Zhao
2015/283 ( PDF )
Fully-Dynamic Verifiable Zero-Knowledge Order Queries for Network Data
Esha Ghosh and Michael T. Goodrich and Olga Ohrimenko and Roberto Tamassia
2015/282 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Secure Computation Based on Cut-and-Choose
Arash Afshar and Payman Mohassel and Benny Pinkas and Ben Riva
2015/281 ( PDF )
From Statistical Zero Knowledge to Secret Sharing
Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2015/280 ( PDF )
Feasibility and Infeasibility of Adaptively Secure Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Jonathan Katz and Aishwarya Thiruvengadam and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2015/279 ( PDF )
Improved Cryptanalysis of AES-like Permutations
Jérémy Jean and Maria Naya-Plasencia and Thomas Peyrin
2015/278 ( PDF )
Efficient Delegation of Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge in a Pairing-Friendly Setting
Sébastien Canard and David Pointcheval and Olivier Sanders
2015/277 ( PDF )
One-Sided Device-Independent QKD and Position-based Cryptography from Monogamy Games
Marco Tomamichel and Serge Fehr and J\k{e}drzej Kaniewski and Stephanie Wehner
2015/276 ( PDF )
An Improvment of the Elliptic Net Algorithm
Binglong Chen and Chang-An Zhao
2015/275 ( PDF )
MQ Challenge: Hardness Evaluation of Solving Multivariate Quadratic Problems
Takanori Yasuda and Xavier Dahan and Yun-Ju Huang and Tsuyoshi Takagi and Kouichi Sakurai
2015/274 ( PDF )
Low Depth Circuits for Efficient Homomorphic Sorting
Gizem S. \c{C}etin and Yark{\i}n Dor\"{o}z and Berk Sunar and Erkay Sava\c{s}
2015/273 ( PDF )
Dual System Encryption via Predicate Encodings
Hoeteck Wee
2015/272 ( PDF )
Leakage-Flexible CCA-secure Public-Key Encryption: Simple Construction and Free of Pairing
Baodong Qin and Shengli Liu
2015/271 ( PDF )
Toward Secure Implementation of McEliece Decryption
Mariya Georgieva and Frédéric de Portzamparc
2015/270 ( PDF )
Fibonacci Ring Oscillators as True Random Number Generators - A Security Risk
Markus Dichtl
2015/269 ( PDF )
Ideal Multilinear Maps Based on Ideal Lattices
Gu Chunsheng
2015/268 ( PDF )
Improved Top-Down Techniques in Differential Cryptanalysis
Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman and Masha Gutman and Adi Shamir
2015/267 ( PDF )
The Simplest Protocol for Oblivious Transfer
Tung Chou and Claudio Orlandi
2015/266 ( PDF )
GRECS: Graph Encryption for Approximate Shortest Distance Queries
Xianrui Meng and Seny Kamara and Kobbi Nissim and George Kollios
2015/265 ( PDF )
Password Hashing Competition - Survey and Benchmark
George Hatzivasilis and Ioannis Papaefstathiou and Charalampos Manifavas
2015/264 ( PDF )
BlindBox: Deep Packet Inspection over Encrypted Traffic
Justine Sherry and Chang Lan and Raluca Ada Popa and Sylvia Ratnasamy
2015/263 ( PDF )
Eclipse Attacks on Bitcoin’s Peer-to-Peer Network
Ethan Heilman. Alison Kendler, Aviv Zohar, Sharon Goldberg
2015/262 ( PDF )
A look at the PGP ecosystem through the key server data
Hanno Böck
2015/261 ( PDF )
Research Perspectives and Challenges for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Joseph Bonneau, Andrew Miler, Jeremy Clark, Arvind Narayanan, Joshua A. Kroll, Edward W. Felten
2015/260 ( PDF )
Computational Aspects of Correlation Power Analysis
Paul Bottinelli and Joppe W. Bos
2015/259 ( PDF )
Exhausting Demirci-Selçuk Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks against Reduced-Round AES
Patrick Derbez and Pierre-Alain Fouque
2015/258 ( PDF )
Lightweight MDS Involution Matrices
Siang Meng Sim and Khoongming Khoo and Fr\'ed\'erique Oggier and Thomas Peyrin
2015/257 ( PDF )
Quadratic Time, Linear Space Algorithms for Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization and Gaussian Sampling in Structured Lattices
Vadim Lyubashevsky and Thomas Prest
2015/256 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Three Certificate-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols and a Secure Construction
Yang Lu, Quanling Zhang, Jiguo Li
2015/255 ( PDF )
A comprehensive analysis of game-based ballot privacy definitions
David Bernhard and Veronique Cortier and David Galindo and Olivier Pereira and Bogdan Warinschi
2015/254 ( PDF )
Tornado Attack on RC4 with Applications to WEP \& WPA
Pouyan Sepehrdad and Petr Susil and Serge Vaudenay and Martin Vuagnoux
2015/253 ( PDF )
Stability and Linearization of Multi-valued Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers
Haiyan Wang , Dongdai Lin
2015/252 ( PDF )
Linearization of Multi-valued Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers
Haiyan Wang, Jianghua Zhong, Dongdai Lin
2015/251 ( PDF )
How to Construct UC-Secure Searchable Symmetric Encryption Scheme
Kaoru Kurosawa and Yasuhiro Ohtaki
2015/250 ( PDF )
Design and Analysis of Information-Theoretically Secure Authentication Codes with Non-Uniformly Random Keys
Junji Shikata
2015/249 ( PDF )
Improved (Hierarchical) Inner-Product Encryption from Lattices
Keita Xagawa
2015/248 ( PDF )
Verifiably Encrypted Signatures with Short Keys based on the Decisional Linear Problem and Obfuscation for Encrypted VES
Ryo Nishimaki and Keita Xagawa
2015/247 ( PDF )
Subgroup security in pairing-based cryptography
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Craig Costello and Rafael Misoczki and Michael Naehrig and Geovandro C. C. F. Pereira and Gustavo Zanon
2015/246 ( PDF )
Implicit Zero-Knowledge Arguments and Applications to the Malicious Setting
Fabrice Benhamouda and Geoffroy Couteau and David Pointcheval and Hoeteck Wee
2015/245 ( PDF )
Practical Attacks on the Round-reduced PRINCE
Pawel Morawiecki
2015/244 ( PDF )
Internal Differential Boomerangs: Practical Analysis of the Round-Reduced Keccak-f Permutation
Jeremy Jean and Ivica Nikolic
2015/243 ( PDF )
Reliable Message Transmission under Partial Knowledge
Aris Pagourtzis and Giorgos Panagiotakos and Dimitris Sakavalas
2015/242 ( PDF )
Compactly Hiding Linear Spans: Tightly Secure Constant-Size Simulation-Sound QA-NIZK Proofs and Applications
Benoit Libert and Thomas Peters and Marc Joye and Moti Yung
2015/241 ( PDF )
Espresso: A Stream Cipher for 5G Wireless Communication Systems
Elena Dubrova and Martin Hell
2015/240 ( PDF )
Differential Analysis and Meet-in-the-Middle Attack against Round-Reduced TWINE
Alex Biryukov, Patrick Derbez and Léo Perrin
2015/239 ( PDF )
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks and Structural Analysis of Round-Reduced PRINCE
Patrick Derbez and Léo Perrin
2015/238 ( PDF )
One Time Programs with Limited Memory
Konrad Durnoga and Stefan Dziembowski and Tomasz Kazana and Michał Zając
2015/237 ( PDF )
Fast Revocation of Attribute-Based Credentials for Both Users and Verifiers
Wouter Lueks and Gergely Alpár and Jaap-Henk Hoepman and Pim Vullers
2015/236 ( PDF )
Key Recovery from State Information of Sprout: Application to Cryptanalysis and Fault Attack
Subhamoy Maitra and Santanu Sarkar and Anubhab Baksi and Pramit Dey
2015/235 ( PDF )
Performance and Security Improvements for Tor: A Survey
Mashael AlSabah and Ian Goldberg
2015/234 ( PDF )
Collision Attack on 4-branch, Type-2 GFN based Hash Functions using Sliced Biclique Cryptanalysis Technique
Megha Agrawal and Donghoon Chang and Mohona Ghosh and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya
2015/233 ( PDF )
Computational Election Verifiability: Definitions and an Analysis of Helios and JCJ
Ben Smyth and Steven Frink and Michael R. Clarkson
2015/232 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Full Sprout
Virginie Lallemand and Mar\'ia Naya-Plasencia
2015/231 ( PDF )
A Related-Key Chosen-IV Distinguishing Attack on Full Sprout Stream Cipher
Yonglin Hao
2015/230 ( PDF )
W-SPS: Designing a Wide-Area Secure Positioning System
Der-Yeuan Yu and Aanjhan Ranganathan and Ramya Jayaram Masti and Claudio Soriente and Srdjan Capkun
2015/229 ( PDF )
Improving GGH Public Key Scheme Using Low Density Lattice Codes
Reza Hooshmand, Taraneh Eghlidos and Mohammad Reza Aref
2015/228 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Cryptography with Key Derived from Sensitive Data
Konrad Durnoga and Tomasz Kazana and Michał Zając and Maciej Zdanowicz
2015/227 ( PDF )
Tradeoff Cryptanalysis of Memory-Hard Functions
Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich
2015/226 ( PDF )
Secure Physical Computation using Disposable Circuits
Ben Fisch and Daniel Freund and Moni Naor
2015/225 ( PDF )
Bitwise Linear Mappings with Good Cryptographic Properties and Efficient Implementation
S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad
2015/224 ( PDF )
Privacy and Access Control for Outsourced Personal Records
Matteo Maffei and Giulio Malavolta and Manuel Reinert and Dominique Schröder
2015/223 ( PDF )
New Distinguishers for Reduced Round Trivium and Trivia-SC using Cube Testers
Anubhab Baksi and Subhamoy Maitra and Santanu Sarkar
2015/222 ( PDF )
Towards Understanding the Known-Key Security of Block Ciphers
Elena Andreeva, Andrey Bogdanov, and Bart Mennink
2015/221 ( PDF )
Tighter, faster, simpler side-channel security evaluations beyond computing power
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange and Christine van Vredendaal
2015/220 ( PDF )
Key Homomorphic PRFs and Their Applications
Dan Boneh and Kevin Lewi and Hart Montgomery and Ananth Raghunathan
2015/219 ( PDF )
Efficient Format Preserving Encrypted Databases
Prakruti C, Sashank Dara and V.N. Muralidhara
2015/218 ( PDF )
Efficient k-out-of-n oblivious transfer protocol
wang qinglong
2015/217 ( PDF )
Salsa20 Cryptanalysis: New Moves and Revisiting Old Styles
Subhamoy Maitra and Goutam Paul and Willi Meier
2015/216 ( PDF )
Quasi-Adaptive NIZK for Linear Subspaces Revisited
Eike Kiltz and Hoeteck Wee
2015/215 ( PDF )
A revocable anonymity in Tor
Amadou Moctar Kane
2015/214 ( PDF )
GCM Security Bounds Reconsidered
Yuichi Niwa and Keisuke Ohashi and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Tetsu Iwata
2015/213 ( PDF )
Attribute-Based Versions of Schnorr and ElGamal
Javier Herranz
2015/212 ( PDF )
Analyzing Permutations for AES-like Ciphers: Understanding ShiftRows
Christof Beierle and Philipp Jovanovic and Martin M. Lauridsen and Gregor Leander and Christian Rechberger
2015/211 ( PDF )
Faster sieving for shortest lattice vectors using spherical locality-sensitive hashing
Thijs Laarhoven and Benne de Weger
2015/210 ( PDF )
Secure and Efficient Initialization and Authentication Protocols for SHIELD
Chenglu Jin and Marten van Dijk
2015/209 ( PDF )
Triathlon of Lightweight Block Ciphers for the Internet of Things
Daniel Dinu and Yann Le Corre and Dmitry Khovratovich and Léo Perrin and Johann Großschädl and Alex Biryukov
2015/208 ( PDF )
Towards Secure Distance Bounding
Ioana Boureanu, Aikaterini Mitrokotsa and Serge Vaudenay
2015/207 ( PDF )
Leakage Assessment Methodology - a clear roadmap for side-channel evaluations
Tobias Schneider and Amir Moradi
2015/206 ( PDF )
Efficient and Secure Delegation of Group Exponentiation to a Single Server
Bren Cavallo and Giovanni Di Crescenzo and Delaram Kahrobaei and Vladimir Shpilrain
2015/205 ( PDF )
Towards Key-Length Extension with Optimal Security: Cascade Encryption and Xor-cascade Encryption
Jooyoung Lee
2015/204 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Symmetric Encryption via Re-keying
Michel Abdalla and Sonia Belaïd and Pierre-Alain Fouque
2015/203 ( PDF )
Achieving Side-Channel Protection with Dynamic Logic Reconfiguration on Modern FPGAs
Pascal Sasdrich and Amir Moradi and Oliver Mischke and Tim Güneysu
2015/202 ( PDF )
Adaptively Secure Coin-Flipping, Revisited
Shafi Goldwasser and Yael Tauman Kalai and Sunoo Park
2015/201 ( PDF )
Statistical Properties of Multiplication mod $2^n$
A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and S. M. Dehnavi and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad and Hamidreza Maimani and Einollah Pasha
2015/200 ( PDF )
Evaluating the Duplication of Dual-Rail Precharge Logics on FPGAs
Alexander Wild and Amir Moradi and Tim Güneysu
2015/199 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Security Analysis of Ultra-Low-Power FRAM-based MCUs
Amir Moradi and Gesine Hinterwälder
2015/198 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Protection by Randomizing Look-Up Tables on Reconfigurable Hardware - Pitfalls of Memory Primitives
Pascal Sasdrich and Oliver Mischke and Amir Moradi and Tim Güneysu
2015/197 ( PDF )
SCA Resistance Analysis of MAC-PHOTON
N. Nalla Anandakumar
2015/196 ( PDF )
Tighter Reductions for Forward-Secure Signature Schemes
Michel Abdalla and Fabrice Benhamouda and David Pointcheval
2015/195 ( PDF )
Zero-knowledge Argument for Polynomial Evaluation with Application to Blacklists
Stephanie Bayer and Jens Groth
2015/194 ( PDF )
Practical Homomorphic MACs for Arithmetic Circuits
Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore
2015/193 ( PDF )
Improving Modular Inversion in RNS using the Plus-Minus Method
Karim Bigou and Arnaud Tisserand
2015/192 ( PDF )
Memory-saving computation of the pairing fi nal exponentiation on BN curves
Sylvain DUQUESNE and Loubna GHAMMAM
2015/191 ( PDF )
iDASH Secure Genome Analysis Competition Using ObliVM
Xiao Shaun Wang, Chang Liu, Kartik Nayak, Yan Huang and Elaine Shi
2015/190 ( PDF )
Multi-Client Non-Interactive Verifiable Computation
Seung Geol Choi and Jonathan Katz and Ranjit Kumaresan and Carlos Cid
2015/189 ( PDF )
Online Authenticated-Encryption and its Nonce-Reuse Misuse-Resistance
Viet Tung Hoang and Reza Reyhanitabar and Phillip Rogaway and Damian Vizár
2015/188 ( PDF )
New Techniques for SPHFs and Efficient One-Round PAKE Protocols
Fabrice Benhamouda and Olivier Blazy and Céline Chevalier and David Pointcheval and Damien Vergnaud
2015/187 ( PDF )
How Fair is Your Protocol? A Utility-based Approach to Protocol Optimality
Juan Garay and Jonathan Katz and Bjoern Tackmann and Vassilis Zikas
2015/186 ( PDF )
Higher Order Differential Analysis of NORX
Sourav Das and Subhamoy Maitra and and Willi Meier
2015/185 ( PDF )
Remotely Managed Logic Built-In Self-Test for Secure M2M Communications
Elena Dubrova and Mats Näslund and Gunnar Carlsson and John Fornehed and Ben Smeets
2015/184 ( PDF )
Links Between Truncated Differential and Multidimensional Linear Properties of Block Ciphers and Underlying Attack Complexities
Céline Blondeau and Kaisa Nyberg
2015/183 ( PDF )
New Links Between Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis
Céline Blondeau and Kaisa Nyberg
2015/182 ( PDF )
Tweakable Blockciphers with Asymptotically Optimal Security
Rodolphe Lampe and Yannick Seurin
2015/181 ( PDF )
Links among Impossible Differential, Integral and Zero Correlation Linear Cryptanalysis
Bing Sun and Zhiqiang Liu and Vincent Rijmen and Ruilin Li and Lei Cheng and Qingju Wang and Hoda Alkhzaimi and Chao Li
2015/180 ( PDF )
Key-Homomorphic Constrained Pseudorandom Functions
Abhishek Banerjee and Georg Fuchsbauer and Chris Peikert and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Sophie Stevens
2015/179 ( PDF )
A Simple Method for Obtaining Relations Among Factor Basis Elements for Special Hyperelliptic Curves
Palash Sarkar and Shashank Singh
2015/178 ( PDF )
On Time and Order in Multiparty Computation
Pablo Azar and Shafi Goldwasser and Sunoo Park
2015/177 ( PDF )
On the Security of an Efficient Group Key Agreement Scheme for MANETs
Purushothama B R and Nishat Koti
2015/176 ( PDF )
Key Recovery for LWE in Polynomial Time
Kim Laine and Kristin Lauter
2015/175 ( PDF )
Trivial Nonce-Misusing Attack on Pure OMD
Tomer Ashur and Bart Mennink
2015/174 ( PDF )
A Practical Chosen Message Power Analysis Method on the Feistel-SP ciphers with Applications to CLEFIA and Camellia
Chenyang Tu and Neng Gao and Zeyi Liu and Lei Wang and Zongbin Liu and Bingke Ma
2015/173 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation from Compact Functional Encryption
Prabhanjan Ananth and Abhishek Jain
2015/172 ( PDF )
Silent Simon: A Threshold Implementation under 100 Slices
Aria Shahverdi and Mostafa Taha and Thomas Eisenbarth
2015/171 ( PDF )
Authenticated Network Time Synchronization
Benjamin Dowling and Douglas Stebila and Greg Zaverucha
2015/170 ( PDF )
Stealing Keys from PCs using a Radio: Cheap Electromagnetic Attacks on Windowed Exponentiation
Daniel Genkin and Lev Pachmanov and Itamar Pipman and Eran Tromer
2015/169 ( PDF )
Short Schnorr signatures require a hash function with more than just random-prefix resistance
Daniel R. L. Brown
2015/168 ( PDF )
More PS and H-like bent functions
C. Carlet
2015/167 ( PDF )
Post-Zeroizing Obfuscation: The case of Evasive Circuits
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Eric Miles and Amit Sahai and Mark Zhandry
2015/166 ( PDF )
Naturally Rehearsing Passwords
Jeremiah Blocki and Manuel Blum and Anupam Datta
2015/165 ( PDF )
The Cryptographic Hardness of Random Local Functions -- Survey
Benny Applebaum
2015/164 ( PDF )
Constant Size Ring Signature Without Random Oracle
Priyanka Bose and Dipanjan Das and C. Pandu Rangan
2015/163 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation from Functional Encryption
Nir Bitansky and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2015/162 ( PDF )
New Multilinear Maps over the Integers
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Tancrede Lepoint and Mehdi Tibouchi
2015/161 ( PDF )
Exploring the Resilience of Some Lightweight Ciphers Against Pro led Single Trace Attacks
Valentina Banciu and Elisabeth Oswald and Carolyn Whitnall
2015/160 ( PDF )
Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis of ICEPOLE
Tao Huang; Ivan Tjuawinata; Hongjun Wu
2015/159 ( PDF )
Leaked-State-Forgery Attack Against The Authenticated Encryption Algorithm ALE
Shengbao Wu; Hongjun Wu; Tao Huang; Mingsheng Wang; Wenling Wu
2015/158 ( PDF )
From Single-Input to Multi-Input Functional Encryption in the Private-Key Setting
Zvika Brakerski and Ilan Komargodski and Gil Segev
2015/157 ( PDF )
Duality in ABE: Converting Attribute Based Encryption for Dual Predicate and Dual Policy via Computational Encodings
Nuttapong Attrapadung and Shota Yamada
2015/156 ( PDF )
Building Lossy Trapdoor Functions from Lossy Encryption
Brett Hemenway and Rafail Ostrovsky
2015/155 ( PDF )
On Power Splitting Games in Distributed Computation: The Case of Bitcoin Pooled Mining
Loi Luu and Ratul Saha and Inian Parameshwaran and Prateek Saxena and Aquinas Hobor
2015/154 ( PDF )
Circuits Resilient to Additive Attacks with Applications to Secure Computation
Daniel Genkin and Yuval Ishai and Manoj M. Prabhakaran and Amit Sahai and Eran Tromer
2015/153 ( PDF )
Functional Encryption from (Small) Hardwae Tokens
Kai-Min Chung and Jonathan Katz and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2015/152 ( PDF )
Inverting the Final exponentiation of Tate pairings on ordinary elliptic curves using faults
Ronan Lashermes and Jacques Fournier and Louis Goubin
2015/151 ( PDF )
Bad directions in cryptographic hash functions
Daniel J. Bernstein and Andreas Hülsing and Tanja Lange and Ruben Niederhagen
2015/150 ( PDF )
Insynd: Privacy-Preserving Secure One-Way Messaging Using Balloons
Tobias Pulls and Roel Peeters
2015/149 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of HMAC/NMAC-Whirlpool
Jian Guo and Yu Sasaki and Lei Wang and Shuang Wu
2015/148 ( PDF )
On the Effectiveness of the Remanence Decay Side-Channel to Clone Memory-based PUFs
Yossef Oren and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Christian Wachsmann
2015/147 ( PDF )
High Precision Fault Injections on the Instruction Cache of ARMv7-M Architectures
Lionel Rivière and Zakaria Najm and Pablo Rauzy and Jean-Luc Danger and Julien Bringer and Laurent Sauvage
2015/146 ( PDF )
New Attacks on Feistel Structures with Improved Memory Complexities
Itai Dinur and Orr Dunkelman and Nathan Keller and Adi Shamir
2015/145 ( PDF )
Observations on the SIMON block cipher family
Stefan Kölbl and Gregor Leander and Tyge Tiessen
2015/144 ( PDF )
Security of the AES with a Secret S-box
Tyge Tiessen and Lars R. Knudsen and Stefan Kölbl and Martin M. Lauridsen
2015/143 ( PDF )
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Computations on FPGAs
Erich Wenger and Paul Wolfger
2015/142 ( PDF )
Multi-Client Verifiable Computation with Stronger Security Guarantees
S. Dov Gordon and Jonathan Katz and Feng-Hao Liu and Elaine Shi and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2015/141 ( PDF )
Analysis of Impossible, Integral and Zero-Correlation Attacks on Type-II Generalized Feistel Networks using the Matrix Method
Céline Blondeau and Marine Minier
2015/140 ( PDF )
The Random Oracle Model: A Twenty-Year Retrospective
Neal Koblitz and Alfred Menezes
2015/139 ( PDF )
Performance Analysis of Some Password Hashing Schemes
Donghoon Chang and Arpan Jati and Sweta Mishra and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya
2015/138 ( PDF )
A Practical Key Exchange for the Internet using Lattice Cryptography
Vikram Singh
2015/137 ( PDF )
Multi-keyword Similarity Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data
Mikhail Strizhov and Indrajit Ray
2015/136 ( PDF )
Lyra2: Password Hashing Scheme with improved security against time-memory trade-offs
Marcos A. Simplicio Jr. and Leonardo C. Almeida and Ewerton R. Andrade and Paulo C. F. dos Santos and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto
2015/135 ( PDF )
Generalizing Efficient Multiparty Computation
Bernardo David and Ryo Nishimaki and Samuel Ranellucci and Alain Tapp
2015/134 ( PDF )
From Related-Key Distinguishers to Related-Key-Recovery on Even-Mansour Constructions
Pierre Karpman
2015/133 ( PDF )
Private Computation on Encrypted Genomic Data
Kristin Lauter and Adriana Lopez-Alt and Michael Naehrig
2015/132 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Computation of Edit Distance
Jung Hee Cheon and Miran Kim and Kristin Lauter2
2015/131 ( PDF )
On Lightweight Stream Ciphers with Shorter Internal States
Frederik Armknecht, Vasily Mikhalev
2015/130 ( PDF )
How to Bootstrap Anonymous Communication
Sune K. Jakobsen and Claudio Orlandi
2015/129 ( PDF )
Block-wise Non-Malleable Codes
Nishanth Chandran and Vipul Goyal and Pratyay Mukherjee and Omkant Pandey and Jalaj Upadhyay
2015/128 ( PDF )
Self-bilinear Map on Unknown Order Groups from Indistinguishability Obfuscation and Its Applications
Takashi Yamakawa and Shota Yamada and Goichiro Hanaoka and Noboru Kunihiro
2015/127 ( PDF )
Adaptive key recovery attacks on NTRU-based somewhat homomorphic encryption schemes
Ricardo Dahab and Steven Galbraith and Eduardo Morais
2015/126 ( PDF )
Perfect Structure on the Edge of Chaos
Nir Bitansky and Omer Paneth and Daniel Wichs
2015/125 ( PDF )
Multilinear Pseudorandom Functions
Aloni Cohen and Justin Holmgren
2015/124 ( PDF )
GliFreD: Glitch-Free Duplication - Towards Power-Equalized Circuits on FPGAs
Alexander Wild and Amir Moradi and Tim Güneysu
2015/123 ( PDF )
Identity-based encryption with (almost) tight security in the multi-instance, multi-ciphertext setting
Dennis Hofheinz and Jessica Koch and Christoph Striecks
2015/122 ( PDF )
Constructing Mixed-integer Programming Models whose Feasible Region is Exactly the Set of All Valid Differential Characteristics of SIMON
Siwei Sun, Lei Hu, Meiqin Wang, Peng Wang, Kexin Qiao, Xiaoshuang Ma, Danping Shi, Ling Song, Kai Fu
2015/121 ( PDF )
Multi-User Oblivious RAM Secure Against Malicious Servers
Travis Mayberry and Erik-Oliver Blass and Guevara Noubir
2015/120 ( PDF )
Reconfigurable LUT: Boon or Bane for Secure Applications
Debapriya Basu Roy and Shivam Bhasin and Sylvain Guilley and Jean-Luc Danger and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2015/119 ( PDF )
Making Masking Security Proofs Concrete Or How to Evaluate the Security of any Leaking Device
Alexandre Duc and Sebastian Faust and Fran\c{c}ois-Xavier Standaert
2015/118 ( PDF )
Constructing and Understanding Chosen Ciphertext Security via Puncturable Key Encapsulation Mechanisms
Takahiro Matsuda and Goichiro Hanaoka
2015/117 ( PDF )
Nonuniform Indistinguishability and Unpredictability Hardcore Lemmas: New Proofs and Applications to Pseudoentropy
Maciej Skorski
2015/116 ( PDF )
Efficient Hardware Design for Computing Pairings Using Few FPGA In-built DSPs
Riadh Brinci and Walid Khmiri and Mefteh Mbarek and Abdellatif Ben Rabâa and Ammar Bouallègue
2015/115 ( PDF )
Comprehensive Efficient Implementations of ECC on C54xx Family of Low-cost Digital Signal Processors
Muhammad Yasir Malik
2015/114 ( PDF )
Weak Ideal Functionalities for Designing Random Oracles with Applications to Fugue
Shai Halevi, William E. Hall, Charanjit S. Jutla, Arnab Roy
2015/113 ( PDF )
How to Compress Homomorphic Ciphertexts
Anne Canteaut and Sergiu Carpov and Caroline Fontaine and Tancrède Lepoint and María Naya-Plasencia and Pascal Paillier and Renaud Sirdey
2015/112 ( PDF )
Re-encryption Verifiability: How to Detect Malicious Activities of a Proxy in Proxy Re-encryption
Satsuya Ohata and Yutaka Kawai and Takahiro Matsuda and Goichiro Hanaoka and Kanta Matsuura
2015/111 ( PDF )
The Multivariate Hidden Number Problem
Steven D. Galbraith and Barak Shani
2015/110 ( PDF )
sHMQV: An Efficient Key Exchange Protocol for Power-limited Devices
Shijun Zhao and Qianying Zhang
2015/108 ( PDF )
Lucjan Hanzlik and Przemys{\l}aw Kubiak and Miros{\l}aw Kuty{\l}owski
2015/107 ( PDF )
Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Minimal Leakage and Efficient Updates on Commodity Hardware
Attila A. Yavuz and Jorge Guajardo
2015/106 ( PDF )
Provably weak instances of Ring-LWE
Yara Elias and Kristin E. Lauter and Ekin Ozman and Katherine E. Stange
2015/105 ( PDF )
Inner Product Masking Revisited
Josep Balasch and Sebastian Faust and Benedikt Gierlichs
2015/104 ( PDF )
Weakening the Isolation Assumption of Tamper-proof Hardware Tokens
Rafael Dowsley and Jörn Müller-Quade and Tobias Nilges
2015/103 ( PDF )
Mergeable Functional Encryption
Vincenzo Iovino and Karol Zebrowski
2015/102 ( PDF )
GCM-SIV: Full Nonce Misuse-Resistant Authenticated Encryption at Under One Cycle per Byte
Shay Gueron and Yehuda Lindell
2015/101 ( PDF )
Multi-Key Security: The Even-Mansour Construction Revisited
Nicky Mouha and Atul Luykx
2015/100 ( PDF )
Influence of Electrical Circuits of ECC Designs on Shape of Electromagnetic Traces measured on FPGA
Christian Wittke and Zoya Dyka and Peter Langendoerfer
2015/099 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Firewall Architectures using Trusted Hardware
Dirk Achenbach and Jörn Müller-Quade and Jochen Rill
2015/098 ( PDF )
Adaptive-ID Secure Revocable Identity-Based Encryption from Lattices via Subset Difference Method
Shantian Cheng and Juanyang Zhang
2015/097 ( PDF )
Surreptitiously Weakening Cryptographic Systems
Bruce Schneier and Matthew Fredrikson and Tadayoshi Kohno and Thomas Ristenpart
2015/096 ( PDF )
Meet in the Middle Attacks on Reduced Round Kuznyechik
Riham AlTawy and Amr M. Youssef
2015/095 ( PDF )
Rotational Cryptanalysis of ARX Revisited
Dmitry Khovratovich and Ivica Nikolic and Josef Pieprzyk and Przemyslaw Sokolowski and Ron Steinfeld
2015/094 ( PDF )
Some New Results on Binary Polynomial Multiplication
Murat Cenk and M. Anwar Hasan
2015/093 ( PDF )
Generalization of Statistical Criteria for Sboxes
S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad and Einollah Pasha
2015/092 ( PDF )
Grasha Jacob, Dr. A. Murugan, Irine Viola
2015/091 ( PDF )
Related-Key Forgeries for Prøst-OTR
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Florian Mendel
2015/090 ( PDF )
Structural Evaluation by Generalized Integral Property
Yosuke Todo
2015/089 ( PDF )
On the security margin of MAC striping
Thomas Eisenbarth and Aaron Meyerowitz and Rainer Steinwandt
2015/088 ( PDF )
Structural Weaknesses in the Open Smart Grid Protocol
Klaus Kursawe and Christiane Peters
2015/087 ( PDF )
Revisiting Cryptographic Accumulators, Additional Properties and Relations to other Primitives
David Derler and Christian Hanser and Daniel Slamanig
2015/086 ( PDF )
Practical Compact E-Cash with Arbitrary Wallet Size
Patrick Märtens
2015/085 ( PDF )
On the behaviors of affine equivalent Sboxes regarding differential and linear attacks
Anne Canteaut and Joëlle Roué
2015/084 ( PDF )
On the Disadvantages of Pairing-based Cryptography
Zhengjun Cao and Lihua Liu
2015/083 ( PDF )
Key Recovery Attack against an NTRU-type Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Massimo Chenal, Qiang Tang
2015/082 ( PDF )
On the Difficulty of Securing Web Applications using CryptDB
İhsan Haluk AKIN and Berk Sunar
2015/081 ( PDF )
Amortizing Garbled Circuits
Yan Huang and Jonathan Katz and Vladimir Kolesnikov and Ranjit Kumaresan and Alex J. Malozemoff
2015/080 ( PDF )
The Fairy-Ring Dance: Password Authenticated Key Exchange in a Group
Feng Hao and Xun Yi and Liqun Chen and Siamak F. Shahandashti
2015/079 ( PDF )
On the Security of the COPA and Marble Authenticated Encryption Algorithms against (Almost) Universal Forgery Attack
Jiqiang Lu
2015/078 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption from Ring-LWE:Identity-Based,Arbitrary Cyclotomic,Tighter Parameters
GU Chun-xiang and. Xin Dan and. ZHENG Yong-hui and. KANG Yuan-ji
2015/077 ( PDF )
On the Existence and Constructions of Vectorial Boolean Bent Functions
Yuwei Xu and Chuankun Wu
2015/076 ( PDF )
Fully Structure-Preserving Signatures and Shrinking Commitments
Masayuki Abe and Markulf Kohlweiss and Miyako Ohkubo and Mehdi Tibouchi
2015/075 ( PDF )
Equivalent Key Recovery Attacks against HMAC and NMAC with Whirlpool Reduced to 7 Rounds
Jian Guo and Yu Sasaki and Lei Wang and Meiqin Wang and Long Wen
2015/074 ( PDF )
Mind the Gap: Modular Machine-checked Proofs of One-Round Key Exchange Protocols
Gilles Barthe and Juan Manuel Crespo and Yassine Lakhnech and Benedikt Schmidt
2015/073 ( PDF )
Oblivious Network RAM
Dana Dachman-Soled and Chang Liu and Charalampos Papamanthou and Elaine Shi and Uzi Vishkin
2015/072 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Non-Membership
Olivier Blazy and Céline Chevalier and Damien Vergnaud
2015/071 ( PDF )
Factoring N=p^r q^s for Large r and s
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Jean-Charles Faugere and Guenael Renault and Rina Zeitoun
2015/070 ( PDF )
The Sum Can Be Weaker Than Each Part
Gaëtan Leurent and Lei Wang
2015/069 ( PDF )
On the Provable Security of the Iterated Even-Mansour Cipher against Related-Key and Chosen-Key Attacks
Benoît Cogliati and Yannick Seurin
2015/068 ( PDF )
A Generic Approach to Invariant Subspace Attacks: Cryptanalysis of Robin, iSCREAM and Zorro
Gregor Leander and Brice Minaud and Sondre Rønjom
2015/067 ( PDF )
An Alternative Approach to Non-black-box Simulation in Fully Concurrent Setting
Susumu Kiyoshima
2015/066 ( PDF )
Arithmetic Addition over Boolean Masking - Towards First- and Second-Order Resistance in Hardware
Tobias Schneider and Amir Moradi and Tim Güneysu
2015/065 ( PDF )
A lightweight-friendly modifcation of GOST block cipher
Andrey Dmukh and Denis Dygin and Grigory Marshalko
2015/064 ( PDF )
Optimally Efficient Multi-Party Fair Exchange and Fair Secure Multi-Party Computation
Handan Kılınç and Alptekin Küpçü
2015/063 ( PDF )
CamlCrush: A PKCS\#11 Filtering Proxy
R. Benadjila and T. Calderon and M. Daubignard
2015/062 ( PDF )
Evaluation and Cryptanalysis of the Pandaka Lightweight Cipher
Yuval Yarom and Gefei Li and Damith C. Ranasinghe
2015/061 ( PDF )
More Efficient Oblivious Transfer Extensions with Security for Malicious Adversaries
Gilad Asharov and Yehuda Lindell and Thomas Schneider and Michael Zohner
2015/060 ( PDF )
Verified Proofs of Higher-Order Masking
Gilles Barthe and Sonia Belaïd and François Dupressoir and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Benjamin Grégoire and Pierre-Yves Strub
2015/059 ( PDF )
Security of Symmetric Encryption in the Presence of Ciphertext Fragmentation
Alexandra Boldyreva and Jean Paul Degabriele and Kenneth G. Paterson and Martijn Stam
2015/058 ( PDF )
Universally Verifiable Multiparty Computation from Threshold Homomorphic Cryptosystems
Berry Schoenmakers and Meilof Veeningen
2015/057 ( PDF )
Cold Boot Attacks in the Discrete Logarithm Setting
Bertram Poettering and Dale L. Sibborn
2015/056 ( PDF )
Better Algorithms for LWE and LWR
Alexandre Duc and Florian Tramèr and Serge Vaudenay
2015/055 ( PDF )
Richer Efficiency/Security Trade-offs in 2PC
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Payman Mohassel and Ben Riva and Mike Rosulek
2015/054 ( PDF )
Non-committing encryption from $\Phi$-hiding
Brett Hemenway and Rafail Ostrovsky and Alon Rosen
2015/053 ( PDF )
Tight Bounds for Keyed Sponges and Truncated CBC
Peter Gaži and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Stefano Tessaro
2015/052 ( PDF )
Interactive Message-Locked Encryption and Secure Deduplication
Mihir Bellare and Sriram Keelveedhi
2015/051 ( PDF )
Improved Meet-in-the-Middle Distinguisher on Feistel Schemes
Li Lin, Wenling Wu
2015/050 ( PDF )
Stretching Groth-Sahai: NIZK Proofs of Partial Satisfiability
Carla Ràfols
2015/049 ( PDF )
On Solving Lpn using BKW and Variants
Sonia Bogos and Florian Tramer and Serge Vaudenay
2015/048 ( PDF )
On Obfuscation with Random Oracles
Ran Canetti and Yael Tauman Kalai and Omer Paneth
2015/047 ( PDF )
Linearly Homomorphic Encryption from DDH
Guilhem Castagnos and Fabien Laguillaumie
2015/046 ( PDF )
On the concrete hardness of Learning with Errors
Martin R. Albrecht and Rachel Player and Sam Scott
2015/045 ( PDF )
Reliable Information Extraction for Single Trace Attacks
Valentina Banciu and Elisabeth Oswald and Carolyn Whitnall
2015/044 ( PDF )
Use of SIMD-Based Data Parallelism to Speed up Sieving in Integer-Factoring Algorithms
Binanda Sengupta and Abhijit Das
2015/043 ( PDF )
Group Signature with Deniability: How to Disavow a Signature
Ai Ishida, Keita Emura, Goichiro Hanaoka, Yusuke Sakai, and Keisuke Tanaka
2015/042 ( PDF )
High Performance Lattice-based CCA-secure Encryption
Rachid El~Bansarkhani and Johannes Buchmann
2015/041 ( PDF )
Parallel (probable) lock-free HashSieve: a practical sieving algorithm for the SVP
Artur Mariano and Thijs Laarhoven and Christian Bischof
2015/040 ( PDF )
Automated Dynamic Cube Attack on Block Ciphers: Cryptanalysis of SIMON and KATAN
Zahra Ahmadian and Sahram Rasoolzadeh and Mahmoud Salmasizadeh and Mohammad Reza Aref
2015/039 ( PDF )
Type-Based Verification of Electronic Voting Protocols
Véronique Cortier and Fabienne Eigner and Steve Kremer and Matteo Maffei and Cyrille Wiedling
2015/038 ( PDF )
Aggregate Pseudorandom Functions and Connections to Learning
Aloni Cohen and Shafi Goldwasser and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2015/037 ( PDF )
Analysis and Enhancement of Desynchronization Attack on an Ultralightweight RFID Authentication Protocol
Da-Zhi Sun and Zahra Ahmadian and Yue-Jiao Wang and Mahmoud Salmasizadeh and Mohammad Reza Aref
2015/036 ( PDF )
Faster software for fast endomorphisms
Billy Bob Brumley
2015/035 ( PDF )
Cryptographically Secure CRC for Lightweight Message Authentication
Elena Dubrova and Mats Näslund and Göran Selander and Fredrik Lindqvist
2015/034 ( PDF )
Suit up! Made-to-Measure Hardware Implementations of Ascon
Hannes Gro{\ss} and Erich Wenger and Christoph Dobraunig and Christoph Ehrenh{\"o}fer
2015/033 ( PDF )
On the Security of Fresh Re-keying to Counteract Side-Channel and Fault Attacks
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Stefan Mangard and Florian Mendel
2015/032 ( PDF )
Constrained Key-Homomorphic PRFs from Standard Lattice Assumptions Or: How to Secretly Embed a Circuit in Your PRF
Zvika Brakerski and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2015/031 ( PDF )
Tight Parallel Repetition Theorems for Public-Coin Arguments using KL-divergence
Kai-Min Chung and Rafael Pass
2015/030 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Ascon
Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder and Florian Mendel and Martin Schläffer
2015/029 ( PDF )
Predicate Encryption for Circuits from LWE
Sergey Gorbunov and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Hoeteck Wee
2015/028 ( PDF )
Optimal software-implemented Itoh--Tsujii inversion for GF($2^m$)
Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
2015/027 ( PDF )
On the Regularity of Lossy RSA: Improved Bounds and Applications to Padding-Based Encryption
Adam Smith and Ye Zhang
2015/026 ( PDF )
A More Explicit Formula for Linear Probabilities of Modular Addition Modulo a Power of Two
S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad
2015/025 ( PDF )
Obfuscating Circuits via Composite-Order Graded Encoding
Benny Applebaum and Zvika Brakerski
2015/024 ( PDF )
Non-Abelian Analogs of Lattice Rounding
Evgeni Begelfor and Stephen D. Miller and Ramarathnam Venkatesan
2015/023 ( PDF )
Multilinear Maps Using Ideal Lattices without Encodings of Zero
Gu Chunsheng
2015/022 ( PDF )
TMSUI: A Trust Management Scheme of USB Storage Devices for Industrial Control Systems
Bo Yang and Dengguo Feng and Yu Qin and Yingjun Zhang and Weijin Wang
2015/021 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Condensers for Arbitrary Min-Entropy, and Almost Optimal Protocols for Privacy Amplification
Xin Li
2015/020 ( PDF )
Simpler Efficient Group Signatures from Lattices
Phong Q. Nguyen and Jiang Zhang and Zhenfeng Zhang
2015/019 ( PDF )
Strongly-Optimal Structure Preserving Signatures from Type II Pairings: Synthesis and Lower Bounds
Gilles Barthe and Edvard Fagerholm and Dario Fiore and Andre Scedrov and Benedikt Schmidt and Mehdi Tibouchi
2015/018 ( PDF )
2015/017 ( PDF )
Simple Functional Encryption Schemes for Inner Products
Michel Abdalla and Florian Bourse and Angelo De Caro and David Pointcheval
2015/016 ( PDF )
Efficient Statically-Secure Large-Universe Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption
Yannis Rouselakis and Brent Waters
2015/015 ( PDF )
One-Round Key Exchange with Strong Security: An Efficient and Generic Construction in the Standard Model
Florian Bergsma, Tibor Jager, Jörg Schwenk
2015/014 ( PDF )
Group Signatures from Lattices: Simpler, Tighter, Shorter, Ring-based
San Ling and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang
2015/013 ( PDF )
Low Noise LPN: KDM Secure Public Key Encryption and Sample Amplification
Nico Döttling
2015/012 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a (Somewhat) Additively Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Used in PIR
Tancrède Lepoint and Mehdi Tibouchi
2015/011 ( PDF )
Block Cipher Speed and Energy Efficiency Records on the MSP430: System Design Trade-Offs for 16-bit Embedded Applications
Benjamin Buhrow and Paul Riemer and Mike Shea and Barry Gilbert and Erik Daniel
2015/010 ( PDF )
Simulation-based Selective Opening CCA Security for PKE from Key Encapsulation Mechanisms
Shengli Liu and Kenneth G. Paterson
2015/009 ( PDF )
Rig: A simple, secure and flexible design for Password Hashing
Donghoon Chang and Arpan Jati and Sweta Mishra and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya
2015/008 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Forward Secure Onion Routing (Future Anonymity in Today’s Budget)
Satrajit Ghosh and Aniket Kate
2015/007 ( PDF )
Balloon: A Forward-Secure Append-Only Persistent Authenticated Data Structure
Tobias Pulls and Roel Peeters
2015/006 ( PDF )
Two-Server Password-Authenticated Secret Sharing UC-Secure Against Transient Corruptions
Jan Camenisch and Robert R. Enderlein and Gregory Neven
2015/005 ( PDF )
Onion ORAM: A Constant Bandwidth ORAM using Additively Homomorphic Encryption
Srinivas Devadas and Marten van Dijk and Christopher W. Fletcher and Ling Ren and Elaine Shi and Daniel Wichs
2015/004 ( PDF )
Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation and Secure Set-Intersection from Algebraic PRFs
Carmit Hazay
2015/003 ( PDF )
Continuous Non-Malleable Key Derivation and Its Application to Related-Key Security
Baodong Qin and Shengli Liu and Tsz Hon Yuen and Robert H. Deng and Kefei Chen
2015/002 ( PDF )
Characterization of MDS mappings
S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad
2015/001 ( PDF )
A note on the security of Higher-Order Threshold Implementations
Oscar Reparaz

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