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PePTCAP: A Privacy-enhancing Protocol for(Temporary) Car Access Provision

Iraklis Symeonidis, Abdelrahaman Aly, Mustafa A. Mustafa, Bart Preneel

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel physical keyless car sharing protocol that allows users to share their cars conveniently. In spite of many advantages, keyless car sharing systems come with substantial security and privacy challenges. Within this work, we design a concrete decentralised and Privacy-enhanced Protocol for (Temporary) Car Access Provision namely \protocol. \protocol\ uses multiparty computation based on Shamir's secret sharing scheme which allows the generation, update, revocation and distribution of an access token for a car in a privacy-preserving manner. In order to solve disputes and to deal with law enforcement requests, our protocol provides forensic evidence of car incidents based on threshold secret sharing. We perform a security and privacy analysis of \protocol\ followed by a complexity analysis, practical efficiency and time estimations for the multiparty computation elements of \protocol\ under realistic scenarios.

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Date: received 16 Jan 2017

Contact author: iraklis symeonidis at esat kuleuven be

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