Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2017

2017/372 ( PDF )
A crossbred algorithm for solving Boolean polynomial systems
Antoine Joux and Vanessa Vitse
2017/371 ( PDF )
On the Efficient Construction of Lightweight Orthogonal MDS Matrices
Lijing Zhou, Licheng Wang and Yiru Sun
2017/370 ( PDF )
Too Simple to be UC-Secure: On the UC-Insecurity of the ``Simplest Protocol for Oblivious Transfer'' of Chou and Orlandi
Ziya Alper Genç and Vincenzo Iovino and Alfredo Rial
2017/369 ( PDF )
Enforcing Input Correctness via Certification in Garbled Circuit Evaluation
Yihua Zhang and Marina Blanton and Fattaneh Bayatbabolghani
2017/368 ( PDF )
Analysis of Toeplitz MDS Matrices
Sumanta Sarkar and Habeeb Syed
2017/367 ( PDF )
Forking-Free Hybrid Consensus with Generalized Proof-of-Activity
Shuyang Tang, Zhiqiang Liu, Sherman S. M. Chow, Zhen Liu, Yu Long, and Shengli Liu
2017/366 ( PDF )
BitFlip: A Randomness-Rich Cipher
Gideon Samid and Serguei Popov
2017/365 ( PDF )
The Complexity of Public-Key Cryptography
Boaz Barak
2017/364 ( PDF )
Round-Preserving Parallel Composition of Probabilistic-Termination Cryptographic Protocols
Ran Cohen and Sandro Coretti and Juan Garay and Vassilis Zikas
2017/363 ( PDF )
TOPPSS: Cost-minimal Password-Protected Secret Sharing based on Threshold OPRF
Stanislaw Jarecki and Aggelos Kiayias and Hugo Krawczyk and Jiayu Xu
2017/362 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Zero-Knowledge Proof of Membership
Jesper Buus Nielsen
2017/361 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation for All Circuits from Secret-Key Functional Encryption
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Ryo Nishimaki and Keisuke Tanaka
2017/360 ( PDF )
Provably Secure Three-party Password Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Based On Ring Learning With Error
Dongqing Xu, Debiao He, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Jianhua Chen
2017/359 ( PDF )
New Protocols for Conditional Disclosure of Secrets (and More)
Tianren Liu and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Hoeteck Wee
2017/358 ( PDF )
Almost Optimal Oblivious Transfer from QA-NIZK
Olivier Blazy and Céline Chevalier and Paul Germouty
2017/357 ( PDF )
Information Theoretic Continuously Non-Malleable Codes in the Constant Split-State Model
Nico Döttling and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Maciej Obremski
2017/356 ( PDF )
XOR of PRPs in a Quantum World
Bart Mennink and Alan Szepieniec
2017/355 ( PDF )
White-Box Cryptography: Don't Forget About Grey Box Attacks
Joppe W. Bos and Charles Hubain and Wil Michiels and Cristofaro Mune and Eloi Sanfelix Gonzalez and Philippe Teuwen
2017/354 ( PDF )
Tightly Secure Ring-LWE Based Key Encapsulation with Short Ciphertexts
Martin R. Albrecht and Emmanuela Orsini and Kenneth G. Paterson and Guy Peer and Nigel P. Smart
2017/353 ( PDF )
Lattice-Based Group Signatures: Achieving Full Dynamicity with Ease
San Ling and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang and Yanhong Xu
2017/352 ( PDF )
A low-resource quantum factoring algorithm
Daniel J. Bernstein and Jean-François Biasse and Michele Mosca
2017/351 ( PDF )
Post-quantum RSA
Daniel J. Bernstein and Nadia Heninger and Paul Lou and Luke Valenta
2017/350 ( PDF )
The Montgomery ladder on binary elliptic curves
Thomaz Oliveira and Julio López and Francisco Rodrı́guez-Henrı́quez
2017/349 ( PDF )
LMS vs XMSS: A comparison of the Stateful Hash-Based Signature Proposed Standards
Panos Kampanakis, Scott Fluhrer
2017/348 ( PDF )
Removal Attacks on Logic Locking and Camouflaging Techniques
Muhammad Yasin and Bodhisatwa Mazumdar and Ozugr Sinanoglu and Jeyavijayan Rajendran
2017/347 ( PDF )
Predictive Aging of Reliability of two Delay PUFs
Naghmeh Karimi and Jean-Luc Danger and Florent Lozac'h and Sylvain Guilley
2017/346 ( PDF )
Some cryptanalytic results on Lizard
Subhadeep Banik and Takanori Isobe
2017/345 ( PDF )
Mind the Gap: Towards Secure 1st-order Masking in Software
Kostas Papagiannopoulos and Nikita Veshchikov
2017/344 ( PDF )
DUPLO: Unifying Cut-and-Choose for Garbled Circuits
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Mike Rosulek and Ni Trieu and Roberto Trifiletti
2017/343 ( PDF )
Towards a Classification of Non-interactive Computational Assumptions in Cyclic Groups
Essam Ghadafi and Jens Groth
2017/342 ( PDF )
Multilinear Maps Using a Variant of Ring-LWE
Gu Chunsheng
2017/341 ( PDF )
Steganography techniques
Dragoş Dumitrescu and Ioan-Mihail Stan and Emil Simion
2017/340 ( PDF )
Enhancing Security by Combining Biometrics and Cryptography
Diana Popa and Emil Simion
2017/339 ( PDF )
ElsieFour: A Low-Tech Authenticated Encryption Algorithm For Human-to-Human Communication
Alan Kaminsky
2017/338 ( PDF )
A Traceability Analysis of Monero's Blockchain
Amrit Kumar and Clément Fischer and Shruti Tople and Prateek Saxena
2017/337 ( PDF )
Authentication of Outsourced Linear Function Query with Efficient Updates
Gang Sheng and Chunming Tang and Wei Gao and Yunlu Cai and Xing Hu
2017/336 ( PDF )
Carmina GEORGESCU and Alina PETRESCU-NITA and Emil SIMION and Antonela TOMA
2017/335 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Linear Regression on Distributed Data
Irene Giacomelli and Somesh Jha and C. David Page
2017/334 ( PDF )
Updating key size estimations for pairings
Razvan Barbulescu and Sylvain Duquesne
2017/333 ( PDF )
Faster Homomorphic Function Evaluation using Non-Integral Base Encoding
Charlotte Bonte and Carl Bootland and Joppe W. Bos and Wouter Castryck and Ilia Iliashenko and Frederik Vercauteren
2017/332 ( PDF )
Reforgeability of Authenticated Encryption Schemes
Christian Forler and Eik List and Stefan Lucks and Jakob Wenzel
2017/331 ( PDF )
Optimal attacks on qubit-based Quantum Key Recycling
Daan Leermakers and Boris Skoric
2017/330 ( PDF )
Distinguisher-Dependent Simulation in Two Rounds and its Applications
Abhishek Jain and Yael Tauman Kalai and Dakshita Khurana and Ron Rothblum
2017/329 ( PDF )
Maliciously Secure Multi-Client ORAM
Matteo Maffei (TU Wien); Giulio Malavolta (FAU); Manuel Reinert (CISPA, Saarland University); Dominique Schröder (FAU)
2017/328 ( PDF )
Evaluating Bernstein-Rabin-Winograd Polynomials
Debrup Chakraborty and Sebati Ghosh and Palash Sarkar
2017/327 ( PDF )
MQ Signatures for PKI
Alan Szepieniec and Ward Beullens and Bart Preneel
2017/326 ( PDF )
Labeled Homomorphic Encryption: Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Processing of Outsourced Data
Manuel Barbosa and Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore
2017/325 ( PDF )
CHVote System Specification
Rolf Haenni and Reto E. Koenig and Philipp Locher and Eric Dubuis
2017/324 ( PDF )
Family of PRGs based on Collections of Arithmetic Progressions
Srikanth ch, Veni Madhavan C.E. and Kumar Swamy H.V.
2017/323 ( PDF )
Lattice-based Revocable Identity-based Encryption with Bounded Decryption Key Exposure Resistance
Atsushi Takayasu and Yohei Watanabe
2017/322 ( PDF )
Approximate Polynomial Common Divisor Problem Relates to Noisy Multipolynomial Reconstruction
Jun Xu and Santanu Sarkar and Lei Hu
2017/321 ( PDF )
Towards Practical Obfuscation of General Circuits
Dingfeng Ye and Peng Liu and Jun Xu
2017/320 ( PDF )
Speeding up Huff Form of Elliptic Curves
Neriman Gamze Orhon and Huseyin Hisil
2017/319 ( PDF )
Encrypt-Augment-Recover: Computationally Function Private Predicate Encryption in the Public-Key Setting
Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/318 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Key-Aggregate Searchable Encryption with Constant-Size Trapdoors for Fine-Grained Access Control in the Cloud
Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/317 ( PDF )
Solidus: Confidential Distributed Ledger Transactions via PVORM
Ethan Cecchetti and Fan Zhang and Yan Ji and Ahmed Kosba and Ari Juels and Elaine Shi
2017/316 ( PDF )
Exploring Potential 6LoWPAN Traffic Side Channels
Yan Yan and Elisabeth Oswald and Theo Tryfonas
2017/315 ( PDF )
Multimodal Indexable Encryption for Mobile Cloud-based Applications (Extended Version)
Bernardo Ferreira, Joaão Leitão, Henrique Domingos
2017/314 ( PDF )
Post-quantum cryptography---dealing with the fallout of physics success
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange
2017/313 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Generic Approach to Identity-based Sequential Aggregate Signatures: New constructions from 2-level HIBE Schemes
Yanqing Yao, Hua Guo, Zhoujun Li
2017/312 ( PDF )
Limits on Low-Degree Pseudorandom Generators (Or: Sum-of-Squares Meets Program Obfuscation)
Boaz Barak and Zvika Brakerski and Ilan Komargodski and Pravesh K. Kothari
2017/311 ( PDF )
Constructing Multidimensional Differential Addition Chains and their Applications
Aaron Hutchinson and Koray Karabina
2017/310 ( PDF )
KDM-Secure Public-Key Encryption from Constant-Noise LPN
Shuai Han and Shengli Liu
2017/309 ( PDF )
Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Scheme against Rational Adversaries
Maiki Fujita and Takeshi Koshiba
2017/308 ( PDF )
Faster Gaussian Sampling for Trapdoor Lattices with Arbitrary Modulus
Nicholas Genise and Daniele Micciancio
2017/307 ( PDF )
Practical Synchronous Byzantine Consensus
Ling Ren and Kartik Nayak and Ittai Abraham and Srinivas Devadas
2017/306 ( PDF )
Cube Attacks on Non-Blackbox Polynomials Based on Division Property
Yosuke Todo, Takanori Isobe, Yonglin Hao, Willi Meier
2017/305 ( PDF )
A Zero Knowledge Sumcheck and its Applications
Alessandro Chiesa and Michael A. Forbes and Nicholas Spooner
2017/304 ( PDF )
Provably Secure NTRUEncrypt over More General Cyclotomic Rings
Yang Yu and Guangwu Xu and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/303 ( PDF )
Locally Decodable and Updatable Non-Malleable Codes in the Bounded Retrieval Model
Dana Dachman-Soled and Mukul Kulkarni and Aria Shahverdi
2017/302 ( PDF )
Quantum preimage, 2nd-preimage, and collision resistance of SHA3
Jan Czajkowski and Leon Groot Bruinderink and Andreas Hülsing and Christian Schaffner
2017/301 ( PDF )
On the Non-Existence of Blockwise 2-Local PRGs with Applications to Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Alex Lombardi and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/300 ( PDF )
Tortoise and Hares Consensus: the Meshcash Framework for Incentive-Compatible, Scalable Cryptocurrencies
Iddo Bentov and Pavel Hubáček and Tal Moran and Asaf Nadler
2017/299 ( PDF )
Fast Private Set Intersection from Homomorphic Encryption
Hao Chen and Kim Laine and Peter Rindal
2017/298 ( PDF )
An Investigation of Sources of Randomness Within Discrete Gaussian Sampling
Séamus Brannigan and Neil Smyth and Tobias Oder and Felipe Valencia and Elizabeth O’Sullivan and Tim Güneysu and Francesco Regazzoni
2017/297 ( PDF )
A Terrorist-fraud Resistant and Extractor-free Anonymous Distance-bounding Protocol
Gildas Avoine and Xavier Bultel and Sébastien Gambs and David Gérault and Pascal Lafourcade and Cristina Onete and Jean-Marc Robert
2017/296 ( PDF )
Topology-Hiding Computation on all Graphs
Adi Akavia and Rio LaVigne and Tal Moran
2017/295 ( PDF )
Improved key-reconciliation method
Ludo Tolhuizen and Ronald Rietman and Oscar Garcia-Morchon
2017/294 ( PDF )
Secure Searching of Biomarkers Using Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Jung Hee Cheon and Miran Kim and Yongsoo Song
2017/293 ( PDF )
Montgomery curves and the Montgomery ladder
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange
2017/292 ( PDF )
Involutory Differentially 4-Uniform Permutations from Known Constructions
Shihui Fu and Xiutao Feng
2017/291 ( PDF )
How to Achieve Non-Malleability in One or Two Rounds
Dakshita Khurana and Amit Sahai
2017/290 ( PDF )
Double DIP: Re-Evaluating Security of Logic Encryption Algorithms
Yuanqi Shen and Hai Zhou
2017/289 ( PDF )
On the Hardness of Trivium and Grain with respect to Generic Time-Memory-Data Tradeoff Attacks
Matthias Krause
2017/288 ( PDF )
Security of Symmetric Primitives under Incorrect Usage of Keys
Pooya Farshim and Claudio Orlandi and Răzvan Roşie
2017/287 ( PDF )
Towards Sound and Optimal Leakage Detection Procedure
Liwei Zhang and A. Adam Ding and Francois Durvaux and Francois-Xavier Standaert and Yunsi Fei
2017/286 ( PDF )
Impossible Differential Attack on Midori128 Using Rebound-like Technique
Wenquan Bi and Zheng Li and Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/285 ( PDF )
Implementation and Evaluation of Improved Gaussian Sampling for Lattice Trapdoors
Kamil Doruk Gür and Yuriy Polyakov and Kurt Rohloff and Gerard W. Ryan and Erkay Savaş
2017/284 ( PDF )
SafeDRP: Yet Another Way Toward Power-Equalized Designs in FPGA
Maik Ender and Alexander Wild and Amir Moradi
2017/283 ( PDF )
On the Easiness of Turning Higher-Order Leakages into First-Order
Thorben Moos and Amir Moradi
2017/282 ( PDF )
Collapsing sponges: Post-quantum security of the sponge construction
Dominique Unruh
2017/281 ( PDF )
Practical Secure Aggregation for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
Keith Bonawitz and Vladimir Ivanov and Ben Kreuter and Antonio Marcedone and H. Brendan McMahan and Sarvar Patel and Daniel Ramage and Aaron Segal and Karn Seth
2017/280 ( PDF )
Amortization with Fewer Equations for Proving Knowledge of Small Secrets
Rafael del Pino and Vadim Lyubashevsky
2017/279 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge and Signatures from Symmetric-Key Primitives
Melissa Chase and David Derler and Steven Goldfeder and Claudio Orlandi and Sebastian Ramacher and Christian Rechberger and Daniel Slamanig and Greg Zaverucha
2017/278 ( PDF )
New Observations on Invariant Subspace Attack
Yunwen Liu and Vincent Rijmen
2017/277 ( PDF )
Minimizing the Complexity of Goldreich's Pseudorandom Generator
Alex Lombardi and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/276 ( PDF )
Obfuscating Compute-and-Compare Programs under LWE
Daniel Wichs and Giorgos Zirdelis
2017/275 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation: Simpler Constructions using Secret-Key Functional Encryption
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Ryo Nishimaki and Keisuke Tanaka
2017/274 ( PDF )
Lockable Obfuscation
Rishab Goyal and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2017/273 ( PDF )
Two-Round and Non-interactive Concurrent Non-Malleable Commitments from Time-Lock Puzzles
Huijia Lin and Rafael Pass and Pratik Soni
2017/272 ( PDF )
Dissecting Leakage Resilient PRFs with Multivariate Localized EM Attacks - A Practical Security Evaluation on FPGA
Florian Unterstein and Johann Heyszl and Fabrizio De Santis and Robert Specht
2017/271 ( PDF )
High Order Masking of Look-up Tables with Common Shares
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Franck Rondepierre and Rina Zeitoun
2017/270 ( PDF )
Rational Proofs against Rational Verifiers
Keita Inasawa and Kenji Yasunaga
2017/269 ( PDF )
Extending Glitch-Free Multiparty Protocols to Resist Fault Injection Attacks
Okan Seker and Thomas Eisenbarth and Rainer Steinwandt
2017/268 ( PDF )
Efficient Sanitizable Signatures without Random Oracles
Russell W. F. Lai and Tao Zhang and Sherman S. M. Chow and Dominique Schröder
2017/267 ( PDF )
A Masked White-box Cryptographic Implementation for Protecting against Differential Computation Analysis
Seungkwang Lee
2017/266 ( PDF )
From Higher-Order Differentials to Polytopic Cryptanalysis
Tyge Tiessen
2017/265 ( PDF )
Enhanced Outsider-anonymous Broadcast Encryption with Subset Difference Revocation
Kamalesh Acharya and Ratna Dutta
2017/264 ( PDF )
A note on how to (pre-)compute a ladder
Thomaz Oliveira and Julio López and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2017/263 ( PDF )
Bivariate attacks and confusion coefficients
Sylvain Guilley and Liran Lerman
2017/262 ( PDF )
When It’s All Just Too Much: Outsourcing MPC-Preprocessing
Peter Scholl and Nigel P. Smart and Tim Wood
2017/261 ( PDF )
Side-channel Analysis of Lightweight Ciphers: Does Lightweight Equal Easy?
Annelie Heuser, Stjepan Picek, Sylvain Guilley, Nele Mentens
2017/260 ( PDF )
Message-Recovery MACs and Verification-Unskippable AE
Shoichi Hirose and Yu Sasaki and Kan Yasuda
2017/259 ( PDF )
Gaussian Sampling over the Integers: Efficient, Generic, Constant-Time
Daniele Micciancio and Michael Walter
2017/258 ( PDF )
Pseudorandomness of Ring-LWE for Any Ring and Modulus
Chris Peikert and Oded Regev and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz
2017/257 ( PDF )
Threshold Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Aayush Jain, Peter M. R. Rasmussen, Amit Sahai
2017/256 ( PDF )
A Framework for Universally Composable Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Ralf Kuesters and Daniel Rausch
2017/255 ( PDF )
New Limits for AES Known-Key Distinguishers
Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger
2017/254 ( PDF )
Towards Easy Key Enumeration
Changhai Ou and Degang Sun and Zhu Wang and Xinping Zhou and Juan Ai
2017/253 ( PDF )
A Modular Security Analysis of EAP and IEEE 802.11
Chris Brzuska and Håkon Jacobsen
2017/252 ( PDF )
High-Order Conversion From Boolean to Arithmetic Masking
Jean-Sebastien Coron
2017/251 ( PDF )
A Lattice-Based Universal Thresholdizer for Cryptographic Systems
Dan Boneh and Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder and Sam Kim
2017/250 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation from Bilinear Maps and Block-Wise Local PRGs
Huijia Lin and Stefano Tessaro
2017/249 ( PDF )
Proof of Luck: an Efficient Blockchain Consensus Protocol
Mitar Milutinovic and Warren He and Howard Wu and Maxinder Kanwal
2017/248 ( PDF )
IPcore implementation susceptibility: A case study of Low latency ciphers
Dillibabu Shanmugam and Ravikumar Selvam and Suganya Annadurai
2017/247 ( PDF )
Efficient Multivariate Ring Signature Schemes
Mohamed Saied Emam Mohamed and Albrecht Petzoldt
2017/246 ( PDF )
An Analysis of FV Parameters Impact Towards its Hardware Acceleration
Joël Cathébras and Alexandre Carbon and Renaud Sirdey and Nicolas Ventroux
2017/245 ( PDF )
Cache-Base Application Detection in the Cloud Using Machine Learning
Berk Gulmezoglu and Thomas Eisenbarth and Berk Sunar
2017/244 ( PDF )
Model-counting Approaches For Nonlinear Numerical Constraints
Mateus Borges and Quoc-Sang Phan and Antonio Filieri and Corina S. Păsăreanu
2017/243 ( PDF )
Key Recovery: Inert and Public
Colin Boyd and Xavier Boyen and Christopher Carr and Thomas Haines
2017/242 ( PDF )
Full accounting for verifiable outsourcing
Riad S. Wahby and Ye Ji and Andrew J. Blumberg and abhi shelat and Justin Thaler and Michael Walfish and Thomas Wies
2017/241 ( PDF )
Forkable Strings are Rare
Alexander Russell and Cristopher Moore and Aggelos Kiayias and Saad Quader
2017/240 ( PDF )
Lattice-Based SNARGs and Their Application to More Efficient Obfuscation
Dan Boneh and Yuval Ishai and Amit Sahai and David J. Wu
2017/239 ( PDF )
Boosting Authenticated Encryption Robustness With Minimal Modifications
Tomer Ashur and Orr Dunkelman and Atul Luykx
2017/238 ( PDF )
Mixing Confidential Transactions: Comprehensive Transaction Privacy for Bitcoin
Tim Ruffing and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez
2017/237 ( PDF )
Switch Commitments: A Safety Switch for Confidential Transactions
Tim Ruffing and Giulio Malavolta
2017/236 ( PDF )
A new rank metric codes based encryption scheme
Pierre Loidreau
2017/235 ( PDF )
Efficient Oblivious Transfer from Lossy Threshold Homomorphic Encryption
Isheeta Nargis
2017/234 ( PDF )
Automatically Detecting the Misuse of Secrets: Foundations, Design Principles, and Applications
Kevin Milner and Cas Cremers and Jiangshan Yu and Mark Ryan
2017/233 ( PDF )
Simplifying Design and Analysis of Complex Predicate Encryption Schemes
Shashank Agrawal and Melissa Chase
2017/232 ( PDF )
TwinsCoin: A Cryptocurrency via Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake
Alexander Chepurnoy and Tuyet Duong and Lei Fan and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2017/231 ( PDF )
EHE: nonce misuse-resistant message authentication
Sergey Agievich
2017/230 ( PDF )
Smart Contracts Make Bitcoin Mining Pools Vulnerable
Yaron Velner and Jason Teutsch and Loi Luu
2017/229 ( PDF )
Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs: Unsound Foundations
Claude Crépeau and Nan Yang
2017/228 ( PDF )
Efficient and Secure Outsourcing of Genomic Data Storage
João Sá Sousa and Cédric Lefebvre and Zhicong Huang and Jean Louis Raisaro and Carlos Aguilar and Marc-Olivier Killijian and Jean-Pierre Hubaux
2017/227 ( PDF )
Towards Shared Ownership in the Cloud
Hubert Ritzdorf and Claudio Soriente and Ghassan O. Karame and Srdjan Marinovic and Damian Gruber and Srdjan Capkun
2017/226 ( PDF )
Faster LEGO-based Secure Computation without Homomorphic Commitments
Ruiyu Zhu and Yan Huang
2017/225 ( PDF )
Bandwidth Hard Functions for ASIC Resistance
Ling Ren and Srinivas Devadas
2017/224 ( PDF )
Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library - SEAL v2.1
Hao Chen and Kim Laine and Rachel Player
2017/223 ( PDF )
0-RTT Key Exchange with Full Forward Secrecy
Felix Günther and Britta Hale and Tibor Jager and Sebastian Lauer
2017/222 ( PDF )
A Note on Obtain Confidentiality or/ and Authenticity in Big Data by ID-Based Generalized Signcryption
Nizamud Dina, Arif Iqbal Umar, Abdul Waheed, Noor ul Amin
2017/221 ( PDF )
A Hybrid Lattice Basis Reduction and Quantum Search Attack on LWE
Florian Göpfert and Christine van Vredendaal and Thomas Wunderer
2017/220 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of PMACx, PMAC2x, and SIVx
Kazuhiko Minematsu and Tetsu Iwata
2017/219 ( PDF )
Attribute-Based Encryption from Identity-Based Encryption
Chun-I Fan and Yi-Fan Tseng and Chih-Wen Lin
2017/218 ( PDF )
Repeated Games for Generating Randomness in Encryption
Kenji Yasunaga and Kosuke Yuzawa
2017/217 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Wang et al’s Certificateless Signature Scheme without Bilinear Pairings
Kuo-Hui Yeh
2017/216 ( PDF )
SCRAPE: Scalable Randomness Attested by Public Entities
Ignacio Cascudo and Bernardo David
2017/215 ( PDF )
SEVDSI: Secure, Efficient and Verifiable Data Set Intersection
Ozgur Oksuz, Iraklis Leontiadis, Sixia Chen, Alexander Russell, Qiang Tang, and Bing Wang
2017/214 ( PDF )
Low Cost Constant Round MPC Combining BMR and Oblivious Transfer
Carmit Hazay and Peter Scholl and Eduardo Soria-Vazquez
2017/213 ( PDF )
Quantum Information Set Decoding Algorithms
Ghazal Kachigar and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2017/212 ( PDF )
Montgomery curves and their arithmetic: The case of large characteristic fields
Craig Costello and Benjamin Smith
2017/211 ( PDF )
Multi-level Access in Searchable Symmetric Encryption
James Alderman and Keith M. Martin and Sarah Louise Renwick
2017/210 ( PDF )
Public Key Cryptosystems with Noisy Secret Keys
Charles Herder and Benjamin Fuller and Marten van Dijk and Srinivas Devadas
2017/209 ( PDF )
Exploding Obfuscation: A Framework for Building Applications of Obfuscation From Polynomial Hardness
Qipeng Liu and Mark Zhandry
2017/208 ( PDF )
SoK: Security Models for Pseudo-Random Number Generators
Sylvain Ruhault
2017/207 ( PDF )
Private Queries on Encrypted Genomic Data
Gizem S Cetin and Hao Chen and Kim Laine and Kristin Lauter and Peter Rindal and Yuhou Xia
2017/206 ( PDF )
Revised Quantum Resistant Public Key Encryption Scheme RLCE and IND-CCA2 Security for McEliece Schemes
Yongge Wang
2017/205 ( PDF )
ZETA: Towards Tagless Authenticated Encryption
Anindya Shankar Bhandari and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2017/204 ( PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis Using Low-bias Linear Approximations
Tomer Ashur, Daniël Bodden, and Orr Dunkelman
2017/203 ( PDF )
Proofs of Useful Work
Marshall Ball and Alon Rosen and Manuel Sabin and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2017/202 ( PDF )
Average-Case Fine-Grained Hardness
Marshall Ball and Alon Rosen and Manuel Sabin and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2017/201 ( PDF )
Managing Secrets with Consensus Networks: Fairness, Ransomware and Access Control
Gabriel Kaptchuk and Ian Miers and Matthew Green
2017/200 ( PDF )
Anonymous Attestation with Subverted TPMs
Jan Camenisch and Manu Drijvers and Anja Lehmann
2017/199 ( PDF )
Improved Attacks for Characteristic-2 Parameters of the Cubic ABC Simple Matrix Encryption Scheme
Dustin Moody and Ray Perlner and Daniel Smith-Tone
2017/198 ( PDF )
FHE with Recursive Ciphertext
Masahiro Yagisawa
2017/197 ( PDF )
A Construction of Bent Functions with Optimal Algebraic Degree and Large Symmetric Group
Wenying Zhang, Zhaohui Xing and Keqin Feng
2017/196 ( PDF )
Attribute-based concurrent signatures
BaoHong Li, Guoqing Xu and Yinliang Zhao
2017/195 ( PDF )
Design of Lightweight Linear Diffusion Layers from Near-MDS Matrices
Chaoyun Li and Qingju Wang
2017/194 ( PDF )
Improved upper bounds for the expected circuit complexity of dense systems of linear equations over GF(2)
Andrea Visconti and Chiara Valentina Schiavo and René Peralta
2017/193 ( PDF )
SecChisel: Language and Tool for Practical and Scalable Security Verification of Security-Aware Hardware Architectures
Shuwen Deng and Doğuhan Gümüşoğlu and Wenjie Xiong and Y. Serhan Gener and Onur Demir and Jakub Szefer
2017/192 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Improved Hybrid Consensus Scheme with Privacy-preserving Property
Shuyang Tang and Zhiqiang Liu and Zhen Liu and Yu Long and Shengli Liu
2017/191 ( PDF )
CoverUp: Privacy Through "Forced" Participation in Anonymous Communication Networks
David Sommer and Aritra Dhar and Luka Malisa and Esfandiar Mohammadi and Daniel Ronzani and Srdjan Capkun
2017/190 ( PDF )
The first collision for full SHA-1
Marc Stevens and Elie Bursztein and Pierre Karpman and Ange Albertini and Yarik Markov
2017/189 ( PDF )
Authenticated Garbling and Efficient Maliciously Secure Multi-Party Computation
Jonathan Katz and Samuel Ranellucci and Xiao Wang
2017/188 ( PDF )
Division Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers with a Binary Diffusion Layer
Wenying Zhang and Vincent Rijmen
2017/187 ( PDF )
The discrete logarithm problem over prime fields: the safe prime case. The Smart attack, non-canonical lifts and logarithmic derivatives
H. Gopalakrishna Gadiyar and R. Padma
2017/186 ( PDF )
A Post-Quantum Digital Signature Scheme Based on Supersingular Isogenies
Youngho Yoo and Reza Azarderakhsh and Amir Jalali and David Jao and Vladimir Soukharev
2017/185 ( PDF )
A Virtual Wiretap Channel for Secure MessageTransmission
Setareh Sharifian, and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini, and Fuchun Lin
2017/184 ( PDF )
Linking Online Misuse-Resistant Authenticated Encryption and Blockwise Attack Models
Guillaume Endignoux, Damian Vizár
2017/183 ( PDF )
Analysis of Software Countermeasures for Whitebox Encryption
Subhadeep Banik and Andrey Bogdanov and Takanori Isobe and Martin Bjerregaard Jepsen
2017/182 ( PDF )
The Approximate $k$-List Problem
Leif Both and Alexander May
2017/181 ( PDF )
New techniques for trail bounds and application to differential trails in Keccak
Silvia Mella and Joan Daemen and Gilles Van Assche
2017/180 ( PDF )
Robust Synchronous P2P Primitives Using SGX Enclaves
Yaoqi Jia and Shruti Tople and Tarik Moataz and Deli Gong and Prateek Saxena and Zhenkai Liang
2017/179 ( PDF )
REM: Resource-Efficient Mining for Blockchains
Fan Zhang and Ittay Eyal and Robert Escriva and Ari Juels and Robbert van Renesse
2017/178 ( PDF )
Optimal Differential Trails in SIMON-like Ciphers
Zhengbin Liu and Yongqiang Li and Mingsheng Wang
2017/177 ( PDF )
Some results on the existence of $t$-all-or-nothing transforms over arbitrary alphabets
Navid Nasr Esfahani, Ian Goldberg and D. R. Stinson
2017/176 ( PDF )
Probabilistically Checkable Proofs of Proximity with Zero-Knowledge
Yuval Ishai and Mor Weiss
2017/175 ( PDF )
Analysis of Burn-in period for RC4 State Transition
Goutam Paul and Souvik Ray
2017/174 ( PDF )
Cost-Aware Cut-and-Choose Games with Applications in Cryptography and Prefix-Free Codes
Ruiyu Zhu and Yan Huang
2017/173 ( PDF )
Speeding up detection of SHA-1 collision attacks using unavoidable attack conditions
Marc Stevens and Dan Shumow
2017/172 ( PDF )
On The Exact Security of Message Authentication Using Pseudorandom Functions
Ashwin Jha and Avradip Mandal and Mridul Nandi
2017/171 ( PDF )
Quantum Key Search with Side Channel Advice
Daniel P. Martin and Ashley Montanaro and Elisabeth Oswald and Dan Shepherd
2017/170 ( PDF )
Error-free protection of EC point multiplication by modular extension
Martin Seysen
2017/169 ( PDF )
UFace: Your Universal Password That No One Can See
Nicholas Hilbert, Christian Storer, Dan Lin, Wei Jiang
2017/168 ( PDF )
AES-GCM-SIV: Specification and Analysis
Shay Gueron and Adam Langley and Yehuda Lindell
2017/167 ( PDF )
Cloud Storage File Recoverability
Christian A. Gorke and Christian Janson and Frederik Armknecht and Carlos Cid
2017/166 ( PDF )
A roadmap to fully homomorphic elections: Stronger security, better verifiability
Kristian Gjøsteen and Martin Strand
2017/165 ( PDF )
SymSum: Symmetric-Sum Distinguishers Against Round Reduced SHA3
Dhiman Saha and Sukhendu Kuila and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2017/164 ( PDF )
Conditional Disclosure of Secrets: Amplification, Closure, Amortization, Lower-bounds, and Separations
Benny Applebaum and Barak Arkis and Pavel Raykov and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2017/163 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Encryption without Gaussian Noise
Anamaria Costache and Nigel P. Smart
2017/162 ( PDF )
Analysis of AES, SKINNY, and Others with Constraint Programming
Siwei Sun and David Gerault and Pascal Lafourcade and Qianqian Yang and Yosuke Todo and Kexin Qiao and Lei Hu
2017/161 ( PDF )
Security Notions for Bidirectional Channels
Giorgia Azzurra Marson and Bertram Poettering
2017/160 ( PDF )
Conditional Cube Attack on Round-Reduced ASCON
Zheng Li and Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/159 ( PDF )
Cube-like Attack on Round-Reduced Initialization of Ketje Sr
Xiaoyang Dong and Zheng Li and Xiaoyun Wang and Ling Qin
2017/158 ( PDF )
Passphone: Outsourcing Phone-based Web Authentication while Protecting User Privacy
Martin Potthast and Christian Forler and Eik List and Stefan Lucks
2017/157 ( PDF )
Detecting General Algebraic Manipulation Attacks
Kim Ramchen
2017/156 ( PDF )
Trust Is Risk: A Decentralized Financial Trust Platform
Orfeas Stefanos Thyfronitis Litos and Dionysis Zindros
2017/155 ( PDF )
Random Sampling Revisited: Lattice Enumeration with Discrete Pruning
Yoshinori Aono and Phong Q. Nguyen
2017/154 ( PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis: Key Schedules and Tweakable Block Ciphers
Thorsten Kranz and Friedrich Wiemer and Gregor Leander
2017/153 ( PDF )
Storage Efficient Substring Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Iraklis Leontiadis, Ming Li
2017/152 ( PDF )
Encryptor Combiners: A Unified Approach to Multiparty NIKE, (H)IBE, and Broadcast Encryption
Fermi Ma and Mark Zhandry
2017/151 ( PDF )
Practical Functional Encryption for Quadratic Functions with Applications to Predicate Encryption
Carmen Elisabetta Zaira Baltico and Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore and Romain Gay
2017/150 ( PDF )
Group-Based Secure Computation: Optimizing Rounds, Communication, and Computation
Elette Boyle and Niv Gilboa and Yuval Ishai
2017/149 ( PDF )
Bitcoin as a Transaction Ledger: A Composable Treatment
Christian Badertscher and Ueli Maurer and Daniel Tschudi and Vassilis Zikas
2017/148 ( PDF )
Pattern Matching on Encrypted Streams: Applications to DPI and searches on genomic data
Olivier Sanders and Cristina Onete and Pierre-Alain Fouque
2017/147 ( PDF )
Ad Hoc PSM Protocols: Secure Computation Without Coordination
Amos Beimel and Yuval Ishai and Eyal Kushilevitz
2017/146 ( PDF )
Toward Fine-Grained Blackbox Separations Between Semantic and Circular-Security Notions
Mohammad Hajiabadi and Bruce M. Kapron
2017/145 ( PDF )
The Multi-User Security of Double Encryption
Viet Tung Hoang and Stefano Tessaro
2017/144 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Search of Similar Patients in Genomic Data
Gilad Asharov and Shai Halevi and Yehuda Lindell and Tal Rabin
2017/143 ( PDF )
Constraint-hiding Constrained PRFs for NC1 from LWE
Ran Canetti and Yilei Chen
2017/142 ( PDF )
Computing generator in cyclotomic integer rings, A subfield algorithm for the Principal Ideal Problem in L(1/2) and application to cryptanalysis of a FHE scheme
Jean-François Biasse and Thomas Espitau and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Alexandre Gélin and Paul Kirchner
2017/141 ( PDF )
Partitioned Group Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange
Dario Fiore and Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Claudio Soriente
2017/140 ( PDF )
Estimation of the Hardness of the Learning with Errors Problem with a Restricted Number of Samples
Markus Schmidt and Nina Bindel
2017/139 ( PDF )
Revisiting AES Related-Key Differential Attacks with Constraint Programming
David Gérault and Pascal Lafourcade and Marine Minier and Christine Solnon
2017/138 ( PDF )
How (not) to Use Welch's T-test in Side-Channel Security Evaluations
François-Xavier Standaert
2017/137 ( PDF )
Modifying an Enciphering Scheme after Deployment
Paul Grubbs and Thomas Ristenpart and Yuval Yarom
2017/136 ( PDF )
Dispersed Cryptography and the Quotient Ring Transform
Anna Johnston
2017/135 ( PDF )
Hashing Garbled Circuits for Free
Xiong Fan and Chaya Ganesh and Vladimir Kolesnikov
2017/134 ( PDF )
A Provably Secure PKCS\#11 Configuration Without Authenticated Attributes
Ryan Stanley-Oakes
2017/133 ( PDF )
Composable and Robust Outsourced Storage
Christian Badertscher and Ueli Maurer
2017/132 ( PDF )
Attacks on Karlsson and Mitrokotsa's Grouping-Proof-Distance-Bounding Protocol
Roel Peeters, Jens Hermans and Aysajan Abidin
2017/131 ( PDF )
A Practical Multivariate Blind Signature Scheme
Albrecht Petzoldt and Alan Szepieniec and Mohamed Saied Emam Mohamed
2017/130 ( PDF )
Topology-Hiding Computation Beyond Logarithmic Diameter
Adi Akavia and Tal Moran
2017/129 ( PDF )
Sublinear Zero-Knowledge Arguments for RAM Programs
Payman Mohassel and Mike Rosulek and Alessandra Scafuro
2017/128 ( PDF )
New Collision Attacks on Round-Reduced Keccak
Kexin Qiao and Ling Song and Meicheng Liu and Jian Guo
2017/127 ( PDF )
Robust Transforming Combiners from Indistinguishability Obfuscation to Functional Encryption
Prabhanjan Ananth and Aayush Jain and Amit Sahai
2017/126 ( PDF )
Boolean Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Worst-Case Sub-Linear Complexity
Seny Kamara and Tarik Moataz
2017/125 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Secure 2PC in the Offline/Online and Batch Settings
Payman Mohassel and Mike Rosulek
2017/124 ( PDF )
On the Exact Round Complexity of Self-Composable Two-Party Computation
Sanjam Garg and Susumu Kiyoshima and Omkant Pandey
2017/123 ( PDF )
Separating IND-CPA and Circular Security for Unbounded Length Key Cycles
Rishab Goyal and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2017/122 ( PDF )
One-Shot Verifiable Encryption from Lattices
Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregory Neven
2017/121 ( PDF )
Twisted $\mu_4$-normal form for elliptic curves
David Kohel
2017/120 ( PDF )
Separating Semantic and Circular Security for Symmetric-Key Bit Encryption from the Learning with Errors Assumption
Rishab Goyal and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2017/119 ( PDF )
Quantum Authentication with Key Recycling
Christopher Portmann
2017/118 ( PDF )
A New Structural-Differential Property of 5-Round AES
Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger and and Sondre Rønjom
2017/117 ( PDF )
The SM9 Cryptographic Schemes
Zhaohui Cheng
2017/116 ( PDF )
Masking Proofs are Tight (and How to Exploit it in Security Evaluations)
Vincent Grosso and François-Xavier Standaert
2017/115 ( PDF )
An efficient self-blindable attribute-based credential scheme
Sietse Ringers and Eric Verheul and Jaap-Henk Hoepman
2017/114 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Proximity
Itay Berman and Ron D. Rothblum and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/113 ( PDF )
Algebraic Fault Analysis of SHA-3
Pei Luo and Konstantinos Athanasiou and Yunsi Fei and Thomas Wahl
2017/112 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Proxy Re-Identification Revisited
Xavier Bultel and Pascal Lafourcade
2017/111 ( PDF )
EC-OPRF: Oblivious Pseudorandom Functions using Elliptic Curves
Jonathan Burns and Daniel Moore and Katrina Ray and Ryan Speers and Brian Vohaska
2017/110 ( PDF )
A Smart Contract for Boardroom Voting with Maximum Voter Privacy
Patrick McCorry and Siamak F. Shahandashti and Feng Hao
2017/109 ( PDF )
Unilaterally-Authenticated Key Exchange
Yevgeniy Dodis and Dario Fiore
2017/108 ( PDF )
Photonic Side Channel Attacks Against RSA
Elad Carmon and Jean-Pierre Seifert and Avishai Wool
2017/107 ( PDF )
Secure Logging with Crash Tolerance
Erik-Oliver Blass and Guevara Noubir
2017/106 ( PDF )
$\mu$chain: How to Forget without Hard Forks
Ivan Puddu, Alexandra Dmitrienko, Srdjan Capkun
2017/105 ( PDF )
A Secure and Fast Dispersal Storage Scheme Based on the Learning with Errors Problem
Ling Yang and Fuyang Fang and Xianhui Lu and Wen-Tao Zhu and Qiongxiao Wang and Shen Yan and Shiran Pan
2017/104 ( PDF )
Implementing BP-Obfuscation Using Graph-Induced Encoding
Shai Halevi and Tzipora Halevi and Victor Shoup and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz
2017/103 ( PDF )
Reconciling d+1 Masking in Hardware and Software
Hannes Gross and Stefan Mangard
2017/102 ( PDF )
Quantum Authentication and Encryption with Key Recycling
Serge Fehr and Louis Salvail
2017/101 ( PDF )
Optimizing Implementations of Lightweight Building Blocks
Jérémy Jean and Thomas Peyrin and Siang Meng Sim
2017/100 ( PDF )
Private Puncturable PRFs From Standard Lattice Assumptions
Dan Boneh and Sam Kim and Hart Montgomery
2017/099 ( PDF )
Can NSEC5 be practical for DNSSEC deployments?
Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Duane Wessels and Shumon Huque and Moni Naor and Jan Včelák and Leonid Reyzin and Sharon Goldberg
2017/098 ( PDF )
Designing Fully Secure Protocols for Secure Two-Party Computation of Constant-Domain Functions
Vanesa Daza and Nikolaos Makriyannis
2017/097 ( PDF )
Boolean functions with restricted input and their robustness; application to the FLIP cipher
Claude Carlet and Pierrick Méaux and Yann Rotella
2017/096 ( PDF )
Asymptotically Compact Adaptively Secure Lattice IBEs and Verifiable Random Functions via Generalized Partitioning Techniques
Shota Yamada
2017/095 ( PDF )
Attacks on Secure Logging Schemes
Gunnar Hartung
2017/094 ( PDF )
Quantum Tokens for Digital Signatures
Shalev Ben-David and Or Sattath
2017/093 ( PDF )
On new multivariate cryptosystems based on hidden Eulerian equations over finite fields
Vasyl Ustimenko
2017/092 ( PDF )
Small CRT-Exponent RSA Revisited
Atsushi Takayasu and Yao Lu and Liqiang Peng
2017/091 ( PDF )
Software Implementation of 2-Depth Pairing-based Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Vincent Herbert and Caroline Fontaine
2017/090 ( PDF )
Crypt-DAC: Cryptographically Enforced Dynamic Access Control in the Cloud
Saiyu Qi and Yichen Li and Yuanqing Zheng and Yong Qi
2017/089 ( PDF )
On a Linear Cryptanalysis of a Family of Modified DES Ciphers with Even Weight S-boxes
Yuri Borissov, and Peter Boyvalenkov, and Robert Tsenkov
2017/088 ( PDF )
A Differential Fault Attack on Plantlet
Subhamoy Maitra, Akhilesh Siddhanti
2017/087 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of full round Fruit
Sabyasachi Dey and Santanu Sarkar
2017/086 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Proxy Re-Authenticators and Applications to Verifiable Multi-User Data Aggregation
David Derler and Sebastian Ramacher and Daniel Slamanig
2017/085 ( PDF )
Information Security Applications of Bit-Mixers
Laszlo Hars
2017/084 ( PDF )
Hardware Bit-Mixers
Laszlo Hars
2017/083 ( PDF )
Shor's Algorithm and Factoring: Don't Throw Away the Odd Orders
Anna Johnston
2017/082 ( PDF )
Replay Attacks on Zero Round-Trip Time: The Case of the TLS 1.3 Handshake Candidates
Marc Fischlin and Felix Günther
2017/081 ( PDF )
Estonian Voting Verification Mechanism Revisited Again
Ivo Kubjas and Tiit Pikma and Jan Willemson
2017/080 ( PDF )
From Minicrypt to Obfustopia via Private-Key Functional Encryption
Ilan Komargodski and Gil Segev
2017/079 ( PDF )
Faster Bootstrapping of FHE over the Integers
Jung Hee Cheon and Kyoohyung Han and Duhyeong Kim
2017/078 ( PDF )
LPN Decoded
Andre Esser and Robert Kübler and Alexander May
2017/077 ( PDF )
Quantum algorithms for computing short discrete logarithms and factoring RSA integers
Martin Ekerå and Johan Håstad
2017/076 ( PDF )
DFA on LS-Designs with a Practical Implementation on SCREAM (extended version)
Benjamin Lac and Anne Canteaut and Jacques Fournier and Renaud Sirdey
2017/075 ( PDF )
A First DFA on PRIDE: from Theory to Practice (extended version)
Benjamin Lac and Marc Beunardeau and Anne Canteaut and Jacques Fournier and Renaud Sirdey
2017/074 ( PDF )
Honey Chatting: A novel instant messaging system robust to eavesdropping over communication
Joo-Im Kim and Ji Won Yoon
2017/073 ( PDF )
Visual Honey Encryption: Application to Steganography
Ji Won Yoon, Hyoungshick Kim, Hyun-Ju Jo, Hyelim Lee and Kwangsu Lee
2017/072 ( PDF )
How to Circumvent the Two-Ciphertext Lower Bound for Linear Garbling Schemes
Carmen Kempka and Ryo Kikuchi and Koutarou Suzuki
2017/071 ( PDF )
Efficient Differential Trail Searching Algorithm for ARX Block Ciphers
Seojin Kim, HyungChul Kang, Deukjo Hong, Jaechul Sung, Seokhie Hong
2017/070 ( PDF )
Symbolic Models for Isolated Execution Environments
Charlie Jacomme and Steve Kremer and Guillaume Scerri
2017/069 ( PDF )
The Exact Security of PMAC
Peter Gaži and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Michal Rybár
2017/068 ( PDF )
Authenticated Encryption in the Face of Protocol and Side Channel Leakage
Guy Barwell and Daniel P. Martin and Elisabeth Oswald and Martijn Stam
2017/067 ( PDF )
Computation of a 768-bit prime field discrete logarithm
Thorsten Kleinjung and Claus Diem and Arjen K. Lenstra and Christine Priplata and Colin Stahlke
2017/066 ( PDF )
Subring Homomorphic Encryption
Seiko Arita and Sari Handa
2017/065 ( PDF )
FHE Over the Integers: Decomposed and Batched in the Post-Quantum Regime
Daniel Benarroch and Zvika Brakerski and Tancrède Lepoint
2017/064 ( PDF )
Fast Montgomery-like Square Root Computation for All Trinomials
Yin Li and Yu Zhang
2017/063 ( PDF )
Optimal Extension Protocols for Byzantine Broadcast and Agreement
Chaya Ganesh and Arpita Patra
2017/062 ( PDF )
Efficient Maliciously Secure Two Party Computation for Mixed Programs
Arash Afshar and Payman Mohassel and Mike Rosulek
2017/061 ( PDF )
Continuous Collision Resistance and its Applications
Tibor Jager and Rafael Kurek
2017/060 ( PDF )
Zero Round-Trip Time for the Extended Access Control Protocol
Jacqueline Brendel and Marc Fischlin
2017/059 ( PDF )
Adaptively Secure Recipient Revocable Broadcast Encryption with Constant size Ciphertext
Kamalesh Acharya and Ratna Dutta
2017/058 ( PDF )
WalnutDSA(TM): A Quantum Resistant Group Theoretic Digital Signature Algorithm
Iris Anshel and Derek Atkins and Dorian Goldfeld and Paul E Gunnells
2017/057 ( PDF )
Single--Trace Template Attack on the DES Round Keys of a Recent Smart Card
Mathias Wagner and Stefan Heyse
2017/056 ( PDF )
Verifiable Classroom Voting in Practice
Feng Hao and Dylan Clarke and Brian Randell and Siamak F. Shahandashti
2017/055 ( PDF )
A Probabilistic Baby-Step Giant-Step Algorithm
Prabhat Kushwaha and Ayan Mahalanobis
2017/054 ( PDF )
Attribute-Based Encryption Implies Identity-Based Encryption
Javier Herranz
2017/053 ( PDF )
Horizontal isogeny graphs of ordinary abelian varieties and the discrete logarithm problem
Dimitar Jetchev and Benjamin Wesolowski
2017/052 ( PDF )
A short note on the security of Round-Robin Differential Phase-Shift QKD
Boris Skoric
2017/051 ( PDF )
A note on VRFs from Verifiable Functional Encryption
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Vipul Goyal and Aayush Jain and Amit Sahai
2017/050 ( PDF )
An Obfuscating Compiler
Peter T. Breuer
2017/049 ( PDF )
LARA - A Design Concept for Lattice-based Encryption
El Bansarkhani Rachid
2017/048 ( PDF )
ROTE: Rollback Protection for Trusted Execution
Sinisa Matetic and Mansoor Ahmed and Kari Kostiainen and Aritra Dhar and David Sommer and Arthur Gervais and Ari Juels and Srdjan Capkun
2017/047 ( PDF )
On dual lattice attacks against small-secret LWE and parameter choices in HElib and SEAL
Martin R. Albrecht
2017/046 ( PDF )
Practical Passive Leakage-Abuse Attacks Against Symmetric Searchable Encryption
Matthieu Giraud and Alexandre Anzala-Yamajako and Olivier Bernard and Pascal Lafourcade
2017/045 ( PDF )
Efficient Round-Optimal Blind Signatures in the Standard Model
Essam Ghadafi
2017/044 ( PDF )
Anonymous contribution of data
Matthew McKague and David Eyers
2017/043 ( PDF )
Accumulators with Applications to Anonymity-Preserving Revocation
Foteini Baldimtsi and Jan Camenisch and Maria Dubovitskaya and Anna Lysyanskaya and Leonid Reyzin and Kai Samelin and Sophia Yakoubov
2017/042 ( PDF )
Five Rounds are Sufficient and Necessary for the Indifferentiability of Iterated Even-Mansour
Yuanxi Dai and Yannick Seurin and John Steinberger and Aishwarya Thiruvengadam
2017/041 ( PDF )
Reducing Garbled Circuit Size While Preserving Circuit Gate Privacy
Yongge Wang and Qutaibah m. Malluhi
2017/040 ( PDF )
Practical Non-Malleable Codes from $\ell$-more Extractable Hash Functions
Aggelos Kiayias and Feng-Hao Liu and Yiannis Tselekounis
2017/039 ( PDF )
SePCAR: A Secure and Privacy-enhancing Protocol for Car Access Provision (Extended Version)
Iraklis Symeonidis, Abdelrahaman Aly, Mustafa A. Mustafa, Bart Mennink, Siemen Dhooghe, Bart Preneel
2017/038 ( PDF )
CCA-Secure Inner-Product Functional Encryption from Projective Hash Functions
Fabrice Benhamouda and Florian Bourse and Helger Lipmaa
2017/037 ( PDF )
Double-base scalar multiplication revisited
Daniel J. Bernstein and Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup and Tanja Lange
2017/036 ( PDF )
Low-Complexity Cryptographic Hash Functions
Benny Applebaum and Naama Haramaty and Yuval Ishai and Eyal Kushilevitz and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/035 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Classification on Deep Neural Network
Hervé Chabanne and Amaury de Wargny and Jonathan Milgram and Constance Morel and Emmanuel Prouff
2017/034 ( PDF )
Analysis of the NORX Core Permutation
Alex Biryukov and Aleksei Udovenko and Vesselin Velichkov
2017/033 ( PDF )
Analyzing the Shuffling Side-Channel Countermeasure for Lattice-Based Signatures
Peter Pessl
2017/032 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of GlobalPlatform Secure Channel Protocols
Mohamed Sabt and Jacques Traoré
2017/031 ( PDF )
Honey Encryption for Language
Marc Beunardeau and Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2017/030 ( PDF )
Authenticated Garbling and Efficient Maliciously Secure Two-Party Computation
Xiao Wang and Samuel Ranellucci and Jonathan Katz
2017/029 ( PDF )
Bounded-Collusion Attribute-Based Encryption from Minimal Assumptions
Gene Itkis and Emily Shen and Mayank Varia and David Wilson and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2017/028 ( PDF )
A Decentralized PKI In A Mobile Ecosystem
Varun Chandrasekaran and Lakshminarayanan Subramanian
2017/027 ( PDF )
Scalable Multi-Party Private Set-Intersection
Carmit Hazay and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2017/026 ( PDF )
Constant Round Adaptively Secure Protocols in the Tamper-Proof Hardware Model
Carmit Hazay and Antigoni Polychroniadou and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2017/025 ( PDF )
Improved Structure Preserving Signatures under Standard Bilinear Assumptions
Charanjit S. Jutla and Arnab Roy
2017/024 ( PDF )
Inference and Record-Injection Attacks on Searchable Encrypted Relational Databases
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem and Tobias Andersson and Christian Gehrmann
2017/023 ( PDF )
Dual System Framework in Multilinear Settings and Applications to Fully Secure (Compact) ABE for Unbounded-Size Circuits
Nuttapong Attrapadung
2017/022 ( PDF )
Privacy for Distributed Databases via (Un)linkable Pseudonyms
Jan Camenisch and Anja Lehmann
2017/021 ( PDF )
A Generic Approach to Constructing and Proving Verifiable Random Functions
Rishab Goyal and Susan Hohenberger and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2017/020 ( PDF )
concerto: A Methodology Towards Reproducible Analyses of TLS Datasets
Olivier Levillain and Maxence Tury and Nicolas Vivet
2017/019 ( PDF )
SMART POOL : Practical Decentralized Pooled Mining
Loi Luu and Yaron Velner and Jason Teutsch and Prateek Saxena
2017/018 ( PDF )
Verifiable Random Functions from Non-Interactive Witness-Indistinguishable Proofs
Nir Bitansky
2017/017 ( PDF )
Improved Algorithms for the Approximate k-List Problem in Euclidean Norm
Gottfried Herold and Elena Kirshanova
2017/016 ( PDF )
Provable Security of Substitution-Permutation Networks
Yevgeniy Dodis and Jonathan Katz and John Steinberger and Aishwarya Thiruvengadam and Zhe Zhang
2017/015 ( PDF )
Tight Upper and Lower Bounds for Leakage-Resilient, Locally Decodable and Updatable Non-Malleable Codes
Dana Dachman-Soled, Mukul Kulkarni, Aria Shahverdi
2017/014 ( PDF )
ORAMs in a Quantum World
Tommaso Gagliardoni and Nikolaos P. Karvelas and Stefan Katzenbeisser
2017/013 ( PDF )
Pinocchio-Based Adaptive zk-SNARKs and Secure/Correct Adaptive Function Evaluation
Meilof Veeningen
2017/012 ( PDF )
Universal Samplers with Fast Verification
Venkata Koppula and Andrew Poelstra and Brent Waters
2017/011 ( PDF )
Chameleon-Hashes with Ephemeral Trapdoors And Applications to Invisible Sanitizable Signatures
Jan Camenisch and David Derler and Stephan Krenn and Henrich C. Pöhls and Kai Samelin and Daniel Slamanig
2017/010 ( PDF )
Circuit-Private Multi-Key FHE
Wutichai Chongchitmate and Rafail Ostrovsky
2017/009 ( PDF )
Access Control Encryption for Equality, Comparison, and More
Georg Fuchsbauer and Romain Gay and Lucas Kowalczyk and Claudio Orlandi
2017/008 ( PDF )
Externally Verifiable Oblivious RAM
Joshua Gancher and Adam Groce and Alex Ledger
2017/007 ( PDF )
Algebraic Attack Efficiency versus S-box Representation
Hossein Arabnezhad-Khanoki and Babak Sadeghiyan and Josef Pieprzyk
2017/006 ( PDF )
Reduced Mumford divisors of a genus 2 curve through its jacobian function field
Eduardo Ruiz Duarte
2017/005 ( PDF )
High-speed Hardware Implementations of Point Multiplication for Binary Edwards and Generalized Hessian Curves
Bahram Rashidi, Reza Rezaeian Farashahi, Sayed Masoud Sayedi
2017/004 ( PDF )
A New Approach for Practical Function-Private Inner Product Encryption
Sungwook Kim and Jinsu Kim and Jae Hong Seo
2017/003 ( PDF )
The STROBE protocol framework
Mike Hamburg
2017/002 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Generalized Tweakable Even-Mansour Cipher with Strong Security Guarantee and Its Application to Authenticated Encryption
Ping Zhang, Honggang Hu, and Peng Wang
2017/001 ( PDF )
Equivalences and Black-Box Separations of Matrix Diffie-Hellman Problems
Jorge Luis Villar

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