Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/466

AnNotify: A Private Notification Service

Ania Piotrowska and Jamie Hayes and Nethanel Gelernter and George Danezis and Amir Herzberg

Abstract: AnNotify is a scalable service for private, timely and low-cost on-line notifications, based on mix- networks, sharding, dummy queries, and Bloom filters. We present the design and analysis of AnNotify, as well as an evaluation of its costs. The security of AnNotify is proved formally by first providing generic definitions and security game for a private notification system. Then we outline the design of AnNotify and calculate the concrete advantage of the adversary observing multiple queries. We present a number of extensions, such as generic presence and broadcast notifications, and applications, including notifications for incoming messages in anonymous communications, updates to private cached web and Domain Name Service (DNS) queries.

Category / Keywords: private notifications, Bloom filters, differential privacy, mix networks

Date: received 13 May 2016, last revised 2 Mar 2017

Contact author: anna piotrowska 15 at ucl ac uk

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Note: The paper has been significantly extended and improved.

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