Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/547

Authentication Schemes Based on Resilient Maps

Juan Carlos Ku-Cauich and Guillermo Morales-Luna

Abstract: We introduce four constructions of systematic authentication codes. The first two are built over finite fields using resilient functions and they provide optimal impersonation and substitution probabilities. The other two proposed codes are defined over Galois rings, one is based on resilient maps and it attains optimal probabilities as well, while the other uses maps whose Fourier transforms get higher values. For the special case of characteristic $p^2$, those maps are bent indeed, and this case is subsumed by our general construction of characteristic $p^s$, with $s\geq 2$.

Category / Keywords: applications / Authentication schemes-Resilient Maps

Date: received 14 Jul 2014

Contact author: jckc35 at hotmail com

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